7 Questions to Ask When Looking for Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing to India is an increasing business trend seen nowadays. According to a recent study, 90% of businesses believe outsourcing is crucial for improving business growth. The recent years saw a boom in outsourcing industry and has encouraged organizations to outsource more. However, you simply shouldn’t opt for outsourcing services because others are doing it. When outsourcing, you must have a clear understanding of what do you want to achieve from outsourcing. Instead of going for a low cost outsourcing company, you must look for offerings, skills and experience of the potential outsourcing partner.

Here are some vital questions that you must ask before getting in to a contract with an outsourcing company in India.

  1. Who are your previous customers and are they satisfied?

Request the potential outsourcing company to provide you a list of their clients. You must speak to the clients who are in the same industry as yours and ask for an honest feedback of the company you are going to be dealing with. Ask for any problems encountered and how they were resolved.

Apart from that, you must ask them how satisfied they were, working with that company. If you are not happy with the feedback received, it’s better to look for another company.

  1. What is the level of quality?

You must check into the technology, infrastructure, data centers and network environment to have an idea of what to expect in terms of quality. The best way to get insights to management expertise and physical infrastructure is by making a visit to the vendor. Measuring the quality of BPO Services gives you clear understanding of the quality that the outsourcing partner has to offer.

  1. Ask about Security

When outsourcing, you will share valuable and confidential business data with the outsourcing company. Therefore, it becomes absolute necessary to check for security and privacy measures. Having stringent security measures in place will ensure your business information remains confidential and there is no leakage.

  1. Ask about Prices

Before signing the contract, make sure what are you paying for. Ask the outsourcing company about any hidden costs. Have a clear understanding of the price variations in case your needs scale up or down. Ask for pricing breaks & waived fees in case the outsourcing company misses a specified level of commitment.

  1. What are the special skills that you possess?

Measuring the vendor’s skills and experience helps you gauge whether the company is competent to deliver the services that your require. Knowing the services that the organization has been providing and asking them about their experience in a particular service will give you insights to the strengths of the company.

  1. Flexibility in handing specific needs

Assess if the outsourcing company will tailor their services according to your specific needs. Check if the company is willing to cater to your unique requirements. The best way to assess this is by asking the potential outsourcing partner’s clients.

  1. Know the financial status of the Company

This is one of the crucial parameters to look for when choosing BPO outsourcing companies. If the outsourcing company is a brand new startup, you must ask for cash flow position, burn rate & other financial information to reduce the risk of losing a business partner due to sudden financial crisis. It is therefore wiser to outsource to an established organization.

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