3 Benefits of IoT for Quick Service Restaurants

Quick Service Restaurants

Today’s quick service restaurants (QSR) are evolving with the help of internet of things. Although IOT is not a new technology for these restaurants, they are just recently starting to recognize the full potential that this technology can offer them. From adding security to the site to helping manage long queues of the customers, the internet of things is providing real-world intelligence to restaurant owners or franchisees across the world. If you do not want to miss out on these benefits, read on to know their details.

A QSR has various challenges that need to be addressed. Using enterprise IOT, these gaps can be filled and restaurants, cafes and bars can streamline their operations. Below are 3 ways that IOT can help your restaurant –

  1. Reduce internal theft and pilferage

 A common problem faced by these restaurants was employees stealing from the cash registers. Also, the storage rooms where food products and kitchen supplies are kept usually having no one securing them. The staff members can easily sneak in at any time and take away these products. This results in loss of money and inventory for the restaurant.

With the help of smart cameras and remote monitoring, this theft can be reduced. Having a camera strategically installed above the POS will deter the employees from stealing. It is even better if someone is monitoring the camera feeds in real-time. Then, if we talk about the storage rooms, using contact sensors on the doors will alert you the moment anyone opens them during off hours. It is the best way to secure your restaurant’s inventory.

  1. Energy Control

 Your QSR has a lot of appliances. These appliances if used unnecessarily can lead to high energy bills that can otherwise be avoided. Also, if a certain appliance is left on for long number of hours, it can result in that appliance burning out.

IOT based energy managing devices like smart plugs will let you remotely control your high energy consuming devices. You can power on or off the devices plugged into these smart plugs from your smart phone. You can also set timers on the functioning of these appliances.

For example, if your restaurant remains open between 9 am to 10 pm, you can set a timer on the AC so that it will automatically power on at 9 am and automatically shut off at 10 pm. This reduces human dependency thus reducing chance of employees leaving it on by mistake. 

  1. Prevents break-ins

 If you are worried about someone breaking into your restaurant or cafe at night? If yes, then with the help of vibration sensors that connect to the glass of your doors and windows, you can get instant alerts when someone tries to shatter the glass break open the door. This allows you or the team monitoring the restaurant security feed to take preventive steps and calling the police to avoid a theft.

These sensors can be connected to the smart cameras to trigger an automatic screenshot or video capturing the moment the sensors are triggered.

At GizmoSupport, we offer your QSR our enterprise IoT solutions where you get a combination of our managed services along with IoT based sensors and smart cameras to provide your restaurant with security and convenience. We offer a centralized command center from where monitor all your sites remotely and raise real-time alerts to you in the event of any incidence.

We help reduce your loss due to internal and external theft while ensuring a reduction in costs by checking the energy wastage. Our managed surveillance service gives you audit reports of staff behavior and compliance to industry standards. Our unified platform helps manage connectivity related problems and ensures that all your devices are communicating with each other. To know more about how our enterprise IOT can help your restaurant, contact us today.

You can also meet us in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2017 to get to know more about our enterprise IoT platforms. 

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