4 Leading Customer Experience Trends in 2017


Customer expectations change as rapidly as technological advancements. Thus, to stay ahead in the CX run, delivering effortless customer service is essential. Stats rightly testify the significance of customer experience as according to Forrester, improving customer experience is the top priority of 72% of businesses. Truly, businesses require effective customer experience management as they cannot afford to laggard with its customer service. Let’s take a close look at the 4 leading customer experience trends in 2017:

  1. Support through virtual assistants: Virtual assistants are taking over human to human communication. Consistent, accurate and timely support with 24/7 availability is what the customers look for and equally what virtual assistants offer. However, it is to be assured that a virtual assistant is able to hand over a conversation to a live support agent when required.
  2. App support: According to Gartner, lack of mobile application support will lower customer satisfaction by 5%. Seamless app support goes a long way to enhance customer experience. Businesses can even outsource in-app support and app engagement allowing trained agents to handle customer queries and their inputs for app improvement, which are key contributors to enhance customer experience.
  3. Non-voice support channels: Customers prefer self-service over expelling time on IVRs and connecting to call agents for their simple concerns. Non-voice channels such as e-mail, web chat, FAQs offer effective measures in this context. Many businesses go for e-mail & chat outsourcing for its efficient handling and to save on cost of handling it in-house.
  4. Personalized Experience: Personalized experience has been a key driver of satisfying customer experience since long and continues to be so in 2017. Customer analytics give trends and insights about customer preference. Understanding what its customer prefers helps catering to their individual needs leading to efficient customer service.

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