4 Ways to Spend Wisely on Customer Support

4 Ways to Spend Wisely on Customer Support

In today’s competition-led market, businesses need to deliver excellent customer support. When customers knock your door for help, it is a potential opportunity to generate more business. Even if they come in with complaints, the way they are handled makes the difference. Effective customer support does not always require a big budget, although it involves decent expenses. It is about maintaining an equilibrium between where to spend and how. Enlisted below is a cheat sheet that guides ways to spend wisely on customer support and save on extra expenditure that makes cost look alarming.

  1. Social Media Support:

    Customers today go directly to social media pages for help more than they interact with agents over the phone. Social media support saves time, and money. Though it is not a comprehensive platform for support issues, but is definitely a service platform that positively influences customer support. As per a press release by American Express, customers would spend 21% more with companies that deliver great social media support.

  2. Self-service Options:

    For routine inquires, people tend to use self-service methods.  This makes it necessary to have “FAQs” and “How-to” pages on your website. Not only does it save customer’s time in finding out a solution but also reduces the call volume at your call desk. At the same time, it accounts for faster resolutions and reduced requirement of employees, a factor that saves cost.

  3. Chat Support:

    Add chat support option to your website to give your customers quick, convenient and real-time support. According to Forrester, 44% of online consumers say that live chat is one of the most important features a website can offer. When customers are satisfied by a company’s support services, they tend to spend more on their products. Hence, spending on chat support services is not much of a pain as it boosts your business in return.

  4. Call Center Outsourcing:

    Despite having other available support options, customers call whenever they require direct voice interaction with someone. Resorting to call center outsourcing is an affordable way to satisfy this motive. Apart from saving cost of managing an in house call center, you can keep your personnel engaged in solving more complex issues.

Thus, with the implementation of right ideas, notable differences can be achieved in expenses and support costs can remain under control. GizmoSupport has 12+ years of experience delivering customer support outsourcing services over mutliple channels, including call, chat, & social media. Contact us to know how our customer lifecycle management services help clients/partners create value for their brands.

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