4 Sectors that must Outsource Customer Service & Why?

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Customer service is not the primary forte of companies in any segment, but it is central to their success. Strong customer engagement & rising customer expectations demand companies to deliver an omni-channel experience. Gone are the days when merely a single channel presence would suffice. Today, customer support across channels needs to be consistent, connected and contextualized. Accomplishing this objective with in-house setups is capital intensive to a large extent since they lack technical capability, manpower expertise and other resources.

As per Walker, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

A better alternative is to outsource customer service as it brings with it various flavors that can be chosen or upgraded to as per requirement. While technology has increased self-service options, some industries are still customer service intensive, namely:

  1. Online Travel Service Providers: As online travel service providers have multiple offerings ranging from booking flights, railway tickets, and hotel rooms to renting cabs, they have customers coming in from all the directions. To manage such large volume customer interactions, a reliable outsourcing arm to implement their service initiatives is a necessity. With the advent of AI powered virtual assistants, a blended model where virtual assistants can handle transactional details and only complex issues are routed to telephonic support can reduce costs majorly.
  2. E-tailers: E-tailers have their platter full of tasks right from expanding their product category, marketing & advertising, rolling out offers to looking after logistics. Thus, outsourcing customer service is a great opportunity for them to divide their load and build stronger customer engagement. While a toll free number is decent enough to solve customer queries, deploying a chatbot helps with sales automation and automating chat support itself.
  3. Banking & Financial Institutions: Customer experience is the key differentiator in the homogeneous banking landscape. As customer support in banks carries more sensitivity and higher stakes, they need to be extra cautious about their customer engagement initiatives. While they must focus on enhancing call center services, they can make their service offerings sophisticated by bringing in more opportunities of mobile experience for customers and deploying chatbots to solve a majority of generic queries.
  4. E-commerce: E-commerce players work in a highly competitive field and need continuous customer engagement to yield the desired revenues. Outsourcing customer service can help them gain better traction to deliver an omni-channel experience. In e-commerce, the diverse ecosystem of customer support involves handling social media with intelligence, maintaining a reliable 24/7 helpline, send out timely responses on e-mails, manage apps and do all of it while maintaining consistency across channels. Thus, it is a big positive for them to outsource customer service.

Outsourcing customer service is an essential step to deliver a better customer experience. While it helps companies ease out processes they do not have expertise in, putting their customer service in ‘safe hands’ ensures there are no underlying gaps in that process. GizmoSupport is a reliable outsourcing partner for companies in various segments. Get in touch with us to streamline your customer support.

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