Bank Security – Demanding Integration of E-Surveillance Systems

Bank Security

Today, banks rely on E-Surveillance for their safety and security more than ever. The adoption of IoT based sensors and smart cameras into a bank’s surveillance system have boosted the level of bank security. However, they create a serious challenge when it comes to connectivity, real-time alerts and device health issues. To make the most of their e-surveillance service, the banking sector needs to partner with an organization that provides a unified platform to address such challenges.

Currently, in most of the banks, e-surveillance setup is still wired which communicate with monitoring center over PSTN telecommunication protocol bearing a high risk of failure. This is the reason why most enterprises are switching to a completely wireless setup with advanced protocols that offer more reliability. The existing platforms at various private and govt. banks in India are not stable enough and create too many alerts, which get unmanageable. For example, a bank’s security system may generate an alert any time the locker rooms are opened. Now, if employees have to enter regularly, it will generate too many alerts resulting in unnecessary increase in auditing and false alarms. There is a need to add intelligence to the system to differentiate which alerts are on high priority and which are not.

Further, banks lack a unified platform to integrate modern and legacy devices to work with each other, causing a hindrance to proactive event based and real-time alerts. These alerts are a key part of a bank’s e-surveillance system and add intelligence to it. Moreover, the increasing number of connected devices beget the challenge of connectivity. Without seamless connectivity of all these devices to the internet, their functionality is hampered. It is also essential to have backup in place, in case the primary connectivity of cameras fails combined with a regular health check of devices to keep an eye on their functioning.

GizmoSupport combines surveillance and IoT products into an integrated solution that is managed and monitored by professionals. We offer proactive alerts that are both real-time as well as event based. The platform we offer helps all cameras and IoT based sensors to communicate with each other and can be customized as per user challenges & requirement.

The added layer of security provided by us will help secure your sites against the threat of internal theft or burglary attempts. Real-time monitoring as well as event based alerts provide total peace of mind for banks regarding the safety of their staff and assets. We also offer VPN connectivity as a backup for uninterrupted camera and alarm panel functioning, in case primary connectivity goes down. Our managed surveillance service gives access to device status, which is vital to keep their internet connectivity and functioning capacity in check. Plus, our CMS (Command Monitoring Station) will notify you the moment any of your cameras or sensor stop functioning and in case of any Theft & burglary.

To learn more about how GizmoSupport’s managed e-surveillance service and platform can help your bank upgrade its existing security, contact us today.

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