How Modern Retailers are Implementing Internet of Things

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The number of industries and sectors that are applying internet of things technology to improve their operations is growing everyday. The retail industry cannot stay away from this technology as well as it can offer various benefits to it. For any retail chain, implementing this technology the right way can lead to enhanced efficiency and increased security of the store.

Most modern retailers across the world have recognized internet of things as the next level of managing their stores that are spread across multiple locations. Below are some of the ways that the retail sector can implement  internet of things.

  1. PoS integration

 Internet of things can be integrated with the current point of sale or cash counters of the store. As per requirement, any customized exception can be set to help in better monitoring of transactions. For Example: A payment transaction on PoS can be linked to a video feed recorded by a camera. This feed can be later used to audit the transaction.

  1. WIFI integrated weighing machines

 A good way for any retail store to monitor its inventory shrinkage is by integrating the weighing machines with IoT technology to monitor the weight of incoming goods. Any gap can be tagged and monitored as per events. For example, if an incoming batch of goods is supposed to be 20 KG and the weighing machine notices any differences in weight, it can send event based alerts such as batch missing 5 kgs of goods etc

  1. Intrusion monitoring

 For monitoring any intrusion in the store during off hours, IoT based sensors can be used to send alerts the moment any unauthorized entry in the store or the backroom are detected. Smart contact sensors that connect with IP based cameras can trigger alerts and communicate with the camera to take snapshots of the intruders.

  1. Break-in alerts

 If your store is in a bad neighborhood, there is a risk of a break-in during night time. By using vibration sensors, if the display glass of the store gets broken, an alert can be sent to you or a quick response team to take instant action. .

  1. Crime deterrence

 Live monitoring of the store’s surveillance videos from a command center allows for real-time crime prevention. Using IoT based smart cameras that offer 2-way audio, your surveillance team can communicate with anyone through the camera. For example, if a shoplifter is caught live on camera, the QRT (Quick Response Team) can communicate with him/her and tell them they have been caught in the act and police has been alerted. This plays a big role in crime deterrence.

  1. Consumer experience

 With the help of IoT, retailers can offer a better experience to its customers. For example, a major hassle for shoppers is waiting in long lines at the checkout counters. If retailers can view in real-time where a queue is getting longer, he can open another counter to help them.

Also, understanding customer behavior and tastes makes it easier for retailers to offer them what they want. Through IoT based surveillance monitoring, you can tell which parts of your store your customers spend more time in and which products or offers attract them more. 

  1. Staff Compliance

 Through smart cameras that transmit live video to a backend control room, an eye can be kept on the staff at all times. Every store has its policies that the staff must adhere to. You can monitor in real-time your staff’s compliance to store policies and ensure that they are fulfilling their duties diligently.

So, by implementing IoT based integration as well as cameras & sensors, the retail sector can help secure its operations while keep a better eye on the various transactions that go on inside a store. Everything from inventory management to crime prevention, all can be achieved with the help of enterprise IoT. GizmoSupport offers managed retail surveillance that combines IoT bases cameras and sensors with managed services to protect your stores from loss as well as help boost profits. To know more, contact us today.


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