Using Internet of Things for Warehouse Surveillance

warehouse surveillance

The internet of things is being used across various sectors including retail warehousing. Since warehouse operations are an integral part of every enterprise’s functioning, internet of things can ensure a smooth functioning  and security of the sites. . IoT is being used here as well to give businesses a smarter and more secure supply chain experience.

If we talk about security, it is paramount that no unauthorized access happens at any times. Surveillance monitoring ensures that your site is watched 24*7 in real-time. With the help of IoT based contact sensors, intrusion in sensitive areas of your warehouse like back entry doors or locked storage rooms can be alerted to relevant teams as push notifications. A quick response team can further alert the authorities if any incident is detected.

It is most useful during non-working hours. Most robberies in warehouses take place at night due to their remote locations. Having scheduled surveillance monitoring of your warehouse will help prevent any crime during night times. Again, IoT based motion sensors can automatically trigger alarms as well as communicate with the cameras to take snapshots of the intruders. The night vision surveillance cameras can easily capture clear images in the dark as well.

Another use of Internet of things can be in Operational compliance of warehouses. Warehouse surveillance lets you monitor staff behavior to check their adherence to company policies and standards. It lets you utilize your resources in the best way possible. Also, through surveillance monitoring you can check which areas of your warehouse are being underutilized and store your goods accordingly.

A major part of your warehouse operation is to keep a check on the inward and outward inventory flow. Not only do you need to ensure the dispatch of goods on time, but also to ensure there is no shrinkage in the inventory. Weighing machines that are integrated with WIFI help you keep track of this and alert you in case of any discrepancy.

With rising energy prices, the cost of operations of a warehouse is also increasing. Surveillance monitoring lets you track where there is any wastage of electricity. For example, if your staff has left for the day, but all the lights remain on, this can be an issue where your back-end surveillance team can raise an alert.

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