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Michael, a food lover visited a restaurant just across the street of his clients’ office. Little did he know that this food joint offered good food with shabby ambiance! His horror did not end there. He was stunned to see the waiter serving the food with dirty hands and uncut nails.

As a result, Michael never returned to that restaurant, and so did 61% of the diners as per a survey conducted by Checkit.

So, what’s the remedy? How to keep a check on hygiene?

E-surveillance is the Answer

When restaurateurs display good hygiene at their restaurants, it positively impacts customers as they feel safe to eat there. Thus, appropriate resources have to be there to monitor food hygiene accompanied with the hygiene of cooks, waiters, other staff members, and the restaurant’s overall cleanliness. Hygiene at restaurants vitally contributes to their brand image. Poor hygiene strengthens the possibility of losing customers for they have a number of questions about hygiene such as if employees are wearing gloves and hairnets, or the food is fresh or the utensils are appropriately cleaned, etc. Customers do not even mind switching to restaurants with average services than to eat at restaurants that maintain low level of hygiene. There are some common things that account for hygiene at restaurants. These may include:

  1. Neatness of employees.
  2. Cleanliness of floor.
  3. Neatness of walls.
  4. Adequate cleaning of raw food.
  5. Appropriate placement of dustbins.
  6. Cleanliness of utensils and crockery.

Through e-surveillance, it becomes feasible to keep unhygienic components in check and minimize the occurrence of shortcomings for hygiene. Live view of the restaurant helps identify unhygienic areas and employees who do not maintain a hygienic environment. Such employees can be caught in action and instructed to do the needful at once. In addition, having a surveillance system in place, it becomes easier to monitor kitchen and food preparation. Not only does it contribute to hygienic food service but also to safeguard employees who work closely with extremely hot cooking equipment.

E-surveillance has a wider application that may help carrying out audits to optimize operations, keep staff behavior in check, monitor the restaurant during off hours to prevent burglary attempts, and manage infrastructure & energy. Thus, by using it, Michael and 61% others like him can be  brought back to their favorite restaurants.

Gizmosupport’s managed e-surveillance service helps keep real-time check on the hygiene of your restaurant and monitoring of staff behavior to ensure your customers have the best experience. Get in touch with us to know more.

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