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eSurveillance for Office

Every enterprise has its set of rules and regulations, employees are expected to abide by while they work in office. It implies to their behavior, upkeep of infrastructure, maintenance of security, and following work ethics etc. Their adherence to these policies ensures smooth functioning of business. However, personal monitoring of all the staff activities is unfeasible. For this reason, managed esurveillance for office plays a vital role in monitoring staff behavior.

Here are some of the key reasons why office surveillance is necessary and how it contributes to improve operational efficiency:

  • Disciplinary issues
    It is important for companies to keep their staff behavior and discipline in check. Unproductive behavior like chatting on the phone, eating at the desk, gossiping and loitering around water coolers is commonly visible in offices. However, e-surveillance can help monitor and curb such employee behavior.
  • Monitoring security staff
    A lot depends on security personnel to restrict unauthorized entry into the office premises. They are expected to check each and every employee, vendor and visitors to ensure that they are not carrying any weapons, thumb drives or objects that are prohibited by the company policy. If security staff fails to carry out their duties properly, it can lead to major security risks.
  • Energy Savings
    Conservation of electricity is an important company policy that significantly reduces operational costs. For instance, switching off floor lights and other electronic equipment before leaving for the day helps reduce energy wastage. Most companies fail to monitor it owing to the absence of e-surveillance.
  • Incidents of theft
    Employee theft in offices can range from stealing office supplies from a co-worker’s desk to stealing corporate data by transferring it to a pen drive. Many offices have a strict policy against their staff carrying pen drives to work and using them for data transfer. A breach in data security leads to a huge loss for an organization. Resorting to esurveillance for office could be vital in this context.
  • Maintaining Infrastructure
    Businesses invest heavily on infrastructure. It is important to preserve it and ensure that staff members do not damage it due to improper usage. This also includes office furniture, appliances and desktop/laptop systems provided by the organization. Ensuring their upkeep through regular monitoring indirectly saves business costs.

Nevertheless, GizmoSupport’s managed e-surveillance for offices ensures thorough monitoring of staff activities. We offer live and scheduled video monitoring along with intelligent audit reports that are sent directly to your mailbox. Our command center’s audit reports will give you better visibility of policy adherence so that you can keep a check on staff behavior, infrastructure management, staff discipline and much more. Through audit reports and in-wall meter sensors, energy management is possible leading to reduced operational costs.

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