Retail Surveillance – Restricting Sweethearting in Retail Chains

Retail Surveillance

Sweethearting (the practice of giving discounts or free merchandise to customers) has been recognized as the most common type of internal theft and the biggest contributor to loss in the retail sector. However, unlike other forms of internal theft, it involves collusion of both; the customers and the employees.

A study that appeared in the Issue of the Journal of Marketing (Brady, Voorhees, & Brusco), March 2012 sheds light on the factors and staff traits contributing to sweethearting behaviors, and the losses caused by sweetheart deals annually. The study looked especially at the role of sweethearting in internal theft. Having surveyed around 800 customers and employees of the retail sector, it presented the following findings:

  • Sweethearting costed the industry nearly $80 billion dollars per year.
  • 67% of respondents said they had been involved in sweethearting in the past 2 months.
  • Many staff members reported their motivation for sweethearting was the chance of receiving better tips.
  • Sweethearting had occurred across various service industries, including restaurants, hotels, and other retailers.

Retail surveillance can help identify and restrict the acts of sweethearting and internal theft. Strategic monitoring of the Point of Sale (PoS) will provide better insights into the behavior of cashiers and the way they handle customers. In addition, overall monitoring of the store gives a better view of staff behavior with customers and handling of merchandise. This will help the retail stores reduce the number of sweethearting and internal theft incidents resulting in decreased losses.

GizmoSupport has a profound comprehension of security for business. Our retail surveillance service offers customized security solutions including 24*7 live video monitoring of stores from a Centralized Monitoring Station (CMS). We provide an added layer of security by installing door/window senors, motion sensors, IP cameras and other safety devices. Our surveillance system offers real-time and event-based alerts the moment any incidence is detected or when any contact sensor trips. This is combined with analytics and reporting that helps you better understand and improve business performance.

If you wish to know more about how our solutions can help you restrict sweethearting and theft incidents in your store, contact us today.

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