The Importance of Remote Video Monitoring in Today’s World

Remote Video Monitoring

The technology of remote video monitoring helps businesses view the surveillance footage of their properties remotely from any location. This gives a businessman the advantage of always knowing what goes on in the workplace, even when he is physically not present there. Almost every business has security cameras installed for the upkeep of its security. However, it is not possible for a businessman or manager to constantly view the footage all the time or be present in the office’s security room. This is where you realize the importance of remotely monitoring the security feed.

As a practice, most businesses have their locations monitored during the operational hours. However, most criminal activities occur at night time when no one is present. It is extremely important to view the footage of the off hours to know of any intrusion on your property. In some cases, the security guards that we rely on so much are involved in thefts. This can be observed through watching the security footage of the off hours to keep a check on your security staff’s behavior.

A major benefit of remote monitoring service is that you can access this footage from any device, whether it is a smartphone, a laptop or even a tablet. Also, it can be accessed from any location as well. For example, the owner of a factory in India can easily view what is happening there while sitting in the U.S from his smartphone. This way he can react in time if any mishap occurs in his factory.

GizmoSupport offers your business remote monitoring solutions where you get live 24*7 surveillance of your sites from a centralized command center. Not only will you be able to remotely view the footage but you get a team of dedicated surveillance professionals that will monitor your sites and alert you in case of any incident. So, you can relax and give the headache of worrying about your security to us.

Some of the key features of our offering our –

  • Single platform control

You can monitor any site, at any time, from any location. You get a dedicated backend team monitoring all the sensitive areas of your business remotely.

  • Smart cameras

You get IP based cameras that capture high definition video even during night time using infrared technology. A notification is raised in case there is any tampering with the camera.

  • Multiple sensors

IoT based sensors provide an additional layer of security to your business. These sensors include contact sensors, motion sensors, smoke sensors and vibration sensors.

  1. Contact sensor – It lets you know when and if any door of your site is opened.
  2. Motion sensor– Know of any activity on your property during off hours.
  3. Smoke sensors– Get alerted in the event of any fire on your property.
  4. Vibration Sensors– This sensors connect to the glass of your site. In the event of anyone trying to shatter the glass, you will get alerted.
  • Custom integration

We offer a powerful ecosystem through robust integration. Our platform integrates with your existing technology with ease. You do not need to overhaul your existing system or bear additional expenses of getting new equipment.

  • Video audits

You get scheduled video audits of multiple locations that give valuable insights into your business operation. Get off hours monitoring as well as real-time monitoring of all your sites.

  • Connectivity

Connectivity between all your smart cameras and IoT based sensors using the ZigBee platform. This platform gives a common language on which all these devices communicate with each other.

To get the comfort and peace of mind offered by GizmoSupport’s managed e-surveillance service, contact us today.

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