Understanding Top 5 Reasons of Customer Churn

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Building trust and establishing strong relationships with customers is the key to business success. However, it is often poor customer service that leads to an increased churn rate. As per Huffingtonpost, 67% of consumers site bad experiences as a reason for churn. Delivering service that makes customers happy is a challenging task. Brands often remain unaware of the aspects that drag them behind in customer experience. Also, they remain unsure about what activities they can initiate to improve customer satisfaction. Here are top five reasons that influence customers’ liking for a brand:

  1. Quick Resolutions: Today’s customers value their time and they want companies to understand it too. One of the most satisfying factors for great customer service is delivering quick resolutions. When companies fail to deliver resolutions on time, customers are more likely to switch to their competitors. Bringing in an extensive knowledge base becomes imperative to deliver quick and accurate resolutions.
  2. Self-service Opportunity: Customers prefer helping themselves rather than relying on others to resolve their general issues. 50% of customers think that it is important to solve issues themselves. Giving them no such opportunity compels them to ask for help against their preference, which becomes a major dissatisfying factor. Thus, it is essential to have FAQ and how-to pages on your web portal to let customers find solutions themselves.
  3. Social Media Management: People spend a lot of time on social media. They post queries directly on social media pages rather than contacting a support desk. If you keep their issues unanswered, they are more likely to switch to some other brand and avail the same product or service from it. Effective social media management is a key to recognize customers and address their concerns on time on different social media channels.
  4. Multi-channel Support: To make customers happy, it is essential to provide them support on different channels. A customer may reach you via an e-mail at once and probably use the chat route, the next time. Availability on multiple support channels can go a long way to improve customer satisfaction & retain their loyalty for your brand.
  5. Agent Training & Knowledge: Customers expect company reps to know everything they have asked them. If contacting a single person does not suffice, they want an immediate alternate to it. However, when it doesn’t happen, customers get disappointed and in most cases switch to other companies based on even a single incident. Training your agents and making them knowledgeable is vital to deliver good customer experience.

There could be many other reasons that account for customer churn. However, keen attention to customer experience can help you sustain customer loyalty.

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