Why opt for Call Centers in India?

Call Centers in India

When a business decides to outsource its business, what question comes to mind? Whom to reach? Some may think of looking call centers in India while others prefer Philippines or Malaysia. But India has been a preferred location to outsource for many years now.The reason is quite obvious. India has something special to offer which other don’t possess. Having a call center in India has been a preference for many global companies. Outsourcing to India is a cost-effective solution and at the same time brings in many other benefits which make it a perfect destination to outsource.

So let’s discuss some of the benefits which make outsourcing to India a great business decision.


Why Go for Call Centers in India?

  1. Skilled Labor

Indian call center employees are some the most educated and qualified agents. India is the largest non-English speaking country with largest English speaking population.  Adding to the advantage, a majority of the call center agents in Indian call centers are very proficient in English with a strong hold of both British & American accents. Some even speak a better English than a majority of Americans.

Every year a large number of graduates pass out from college. So there is an abundance of skilled labor in India . This makes outsourcing to India, a great choice for businesses.

  1. Cost-Effective Negotiations

The labor in India is low priced.Given the cost of living in other countries is pretty high, an average payout for a good technical staff in the US could be anywhere between 50$-70$ per hour. On the other hand, the cost of services of a person with a similar skill set can be negotiated to 10$-20$ per hour and the same time, you can expect a great return on such a small investment.

This flexibility in price enables a company to manage its budget in a better way. This can be extremely helpful to budding startups as they cannot afford high number of resources.

  1. Friendly Government Policies

The Indian Government is very friendly towards the outsourcing industry. Development of technology parks in India and latest facilities has attracted global companies to set up an outsourcing center in India. The Government of India has realized that economic development in India can be improved by actively supporting outsourcing industry. Removal of restrictions on investment and reduced licensing requirements has helped in growth of BPO companies in India

  1. High-End Technology

Call centers in India incorporate some of the latest technologies and infrastructure to deliver great customer services. Moreover, the entry of multiple players in the industry has led to a reduction in the tariff of cellular services. This definitely gives India, an upper hand with respect to other countries. That s why a majority of global companies prefer to outsource in India.

  1. Get Maximum Output

In order to improve revenues & reduce costs, businesses are under immense pressure to get a maximum output from a limited number of resources. Thus, Indian call centers play a vital role in improving the overall productivity of a company as experienced professionals handle non-core activities and your business gets enough time to focus on core product & reap maximum benefits.


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