Overcoming Top Warehouse Challenges using Warehouse Surveillance

warehouse surveillance

Whether they are manufacturers or e-commerce websites, warehousing and storage play a major role in these organizations. It is where inventory worth lakhs or even crores is stored. The high value of the merchandise there makes these warehouses a top priority for management to optimize. These warehouses face a lot of challenges in today’s world. By the end of this post, you will learn how warehouse surveillance can help overcome them.

Below I have discussed some major challenges for today’s warehousing –

1.Managing inventory

Inventory managing means that you should have complete knowledge of your stock. Whether is it incoming stock or outgoing, having proper information of your remaining stock. This information will make sure that your warehouses are not overstocked or worse under stocked. Under stocking leads back orders which are leads to frustrated clients and is overall bad for business.

2.Growing expectations of clients

These days clients have a very specific need when it comes to their merchandise. Some may want their stock packaged and labeled in a certain way. Manually doing it every single time leads to redundant tasks and a wastage of staff time and effort. Your warehouse needs to have some kind of automation that facilitates such customized requests from clients to keep them happy and engaged with the company.

3.Global competition

In today’s globalized economy, your business is competing with international companies that are in the same industry segment as you are. They have units based abroad and can outsource their work to other countries to get cheaper labor. Though I am not suggesting outsourcing your warehousing work to other countries, there is a need to keep the operational costs of your warehouses down so that you remain an asset for the organization and do not become a liability.

4.Varying types of goods

The type of goods that a warehouse has to store these days are varying now more than ever. Each type of product may require different methods of storage and preservation. For example, if you store perishables like fruits, vegetables, milk products in your warehouse, then these goods need to be properly stored in cold storage rooms. If your warehouse does not have proper refrigeration, you will face challenges in storing these products.

5.No real-time knowledge of understaffing

With the growing economy, as you get more and more orders from clients and sales start to boost, your existing staff may not be enough to handle the increased workload. But most of the time, decision makers are not aware of this issue in real-time. There needs to be a mechanism that gives proactive audit reports of staff utilization that lets you know whether you are under-staff or over-staffed.

6.Growth in e-commerce

We live in a digital world now, with e-commerce sites taking over the retail industry. Orders are placed 24*7 through the internet and products need to be constantly in motion to meet the requirements of the customers. If your warehouse can adapt to this fast paced business environment, only then can you survive in today’s competitive market.

These above challenges can be met if your warehouse uses some automated technologies along with managed esurveillance for warehouse. Using warehouse surveillance, you can easily keep a track of your warehouse staff and optimize their utilization, along with the utilization of warehouse space.

Surveillance also helps you reduce operational costs by keeping a check on energy wastage to reduce energy bills and keeping an eye on inventory storage to make sure no goods get damaged due to improper handling by staff. This damage is going to cost the business money. You can also keep a track of whether your goods are being dispatched or received on time. At GizmoSupport, our warehouse surveillance service offers exactly these solutions that help you overcome all warehouse related challenges.

By using these managed services, you can ensure that your warehouse and delivery centers are ready for the growing demands of your supply chain.To learn more about our services, contact us.

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