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Application Lifecycle Management

Apps have become the new frontiers of businesses today, wherein revenue depends on building the right app, while acquiring, supporting and engaging users.

As customers’ expectations from their mobile apps are soaring, a right approach for developing and managing apps has become crucial for start-ups and even established digital businesses. Among the plethora of apps available in the market, differentiating your app through excellent customer experience is the key to sustainable business growth.

GizmoSupport offers a one-stop platform for businesses to fill the gap between mobile apps and consumer awareness; thereby stimulating sales, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction. We deploy an integrated platform approach across multiple customer touch points to address technical and business challenges for your users.

We Offer

  • Targeted In-store user acquisition
  • Outbound Tele-marketing
  • User onboarding
  • Tech Support for App
  • In-App Query Support
  • In-App Sales Support
  • User Retention
  • User Survey & Feedback
  • Play Store & Social Media Management
  • User Acceptance
  • Platform, Device & Network Compatibility
  • Functionality Testing
App Downloads
App Downloads

Explosion of new applications on Apple Store and Google Play is making it increasingly difficult for companies with a stringent marketing budget to get their apps discovered. Currently over 1.6 Million Apps exist on Google Play Store, while Apple Store offers nearly 1.5 Million Apps for installation.

With towering costs of customer acquisition, companies seeking opportunities to promote their apps are facing a major challenge of finding and targeting the right user base.

GizmoSupport provides you an alternate channel to promote your Apps and connect with end-users directly. Our targeted and systematic approach provides in-store customer acquisition followed by over-the-call on-boarding. Our approach is aimed to not only increase download hits, but expand active users.

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App Support
App Support

Excellent customer experience is the key to a sustainable business. As thousands of apps for simplifying consumers’ needs coexist and compete, efficient and reliable customer support can be a key differentiator.

Often consumers have queries, comments and even ideas for improving your app. However, lack of a direct and real-time medium prohibits productive communication which may have impact on business in the form of: lost revenue due to unanswered query while making purchases; lost customer due to an error; and lost customer feedback which may have helped in improving the product.

Unlike play store reviews, GizmoSupport provides you a real-time communication wherein users can get answers to their queries in real-time by trained agents. Users can also engage in conversations providing contextual and real-time feedback for improving your app.

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App Engagement
App Engagement

Acquiring customers is only half the battle won, keeping them engaged with your App is crucial for a sustainable business. More than 22% of downloaded apps are uninstalled after being used once or twice.
It’s not always the app but also the growing customer expectations that are often unmet. Most of the times, customer is not well aware of the app’s features and its benefits which leads to removal of the app. This typically happens when users find no solution or help to fix the prevailing issue.

GizmoSupport engages your app users through channel of their choice including social media, voice, email and chat. We convert passive users to active through targeted campaigns and reduce customer churn.

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

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App Testing
App Testing

In today’s digitally connected world, apps have become the lifeline of every business. Whether you are an established traditional organization or an app-based digital organization, your business depends on the working metrics of your Apps.

With every new major update and feature add-ons, your apps are exposed to risks like user acceptance, functional defects and compatibility issues.

We ensure that your App runs smoothly across multiple platforms, devices and networks. We also determine how fast and effortlessly users of different profiles understand the app, its features and get accustomed to it.

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