Integrated support for
Digital Consumers

Technology Support

The recent explosion of Mobile Applications, Connected Devices and Internet of Things has significantly complicated the digital ecosystem for consumers.

This fragmented ecosystem has given rise to consumer desires for increased support and better experience. We offer support through our unique blend of technology tools, knowledge base and delivery platforms.

  • We provide expert training, support and solutions for your consumers, enhancing revenue, consumer experience and consumer loyalty while reducing support costs.
  • Our multi-channel service and support delivery addresses all the concerns of consumers, building a strong and positive image of your brand.

We Offer

  • End-to-end setup and installation support
  • Assist customers with device settings and handset queries
  • Migration Support
  • User Onboarding to ensure understanding of enterprise application
  • Technical Support
  • QRC Management – Remote & Field
  • Technical support for connected devices
  • Technical support for Wireless Data Services (2G, 3G, 4G)
  • Query, Response & Complaints Management
  • Installation/Configuration Support
  • Remote diagnostic and troubleshooting
  • Self-service channels for consumers
Installation & On-Boarding
Installation & On-Boarding

With new business applications, mobile devices, Internet of Things and home automation products gaining popularity, consumers need expert help to install, setup, configure and manage these new products and services. They also need assistance for solving post-installation problems that would inevitably occur. Gizmo Support provides technology support throughout consumer journey. We enable and support all major devices that exist within the increasingly complex ecosystem.

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Business Application Support
Business Application Support

In order to sustain and remain competitive, enterprises need to embrace the evolution in the connected digital world. Hence, enterprises are turning app-o-logical, attaining mobility; a key differentiator in the long run. However, in order to take full advantage of the connected ecosystem, enterprises need to efficiently manage and support their business critical mobile applications.

As business grows, managing applications in-house gets difficult. A sizable portion of the organization’s effort and cost goes into providing support for their distributed field force.

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Connected Consumer Support
Connected Consumer Support

Advanced capabilities of connected devices have not just increased customer usage of data-consuming applications, but also the penetration of smart devices generating opportunities for telecoms, device manufacturers and e-Commerce players. While they open new avenues for revenue, they also give rise to challenges associated with device configuration, higher support costs and impact consumer experience. GizmoSupport provides support that matches your business model, efficiently meeting needs of consumers, covering all major networks, and smartphone associated issues.

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IoT & Smart Home Support
IoT & Smart Home Support

Connected devices offer compounded value for the consumer as they communicate with other devices in the connected home ecosystem. However, this connected ecosystem also increases complexity for on-boarding and ongoing support exponentially. As devices from different vendors get interconnected, obtaining integrated support for the entire ecosystem becomes challenging. GizmoSupport provides integrated support for your connected ecosystem covering major devices, network and software platforms.

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Integrated technical support for enhancing connected consumer experience
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