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3 Tips for App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization

Now, you have developed a fabulous app and you are proud of it. However, knowing this fact that your app is better than your competitors, still you are not on the top of the list in your app category. In fact, when you are searching by your category, you end up finding your app below average as you did not follow enhanced app store optimization strategies. Basically, you are raising your hand for the question which most of the students can answer in the class.

So, what is the problem? Why is your app not getting the attention that it deserves?

Here is the answer. Your app is not ranking good in SEO. It does not matter how good your app is or how much effort have you given to develop it, if you cannot implement the right strategies for app store optimization, your app will not appear in the visible list. So, here are 3 great strategies to bring your app on the top.

App store optimization with targeted “Keywords”

Google SEO results are completely dependent on the keywords. If you are not able to focus on the right keyword, you will never come up on the list or you might be visible in some other category of application. Suppose you have made an app to support other apps. So your description should include keywords like ‘app support, ‘Customer app support’, ‘other app supporter’ etc. and also should include the key features of your app that your customers may like to search on play store. To find most relevant keywords go to Adwords Keyword Tool and find the targeted ones and help yourself with advanced app store optimization.

App Store Optimization

Get positive reviews and ratings

You might have noticed that the apps that appear on the top of the list have good ratings and many positive reviews about it. A survey from says that “88% customers take online reviews as personal recommendation”.  So, it’s your time to get few good reviews and ratings. Now the challenge is how?

It’s a common misconception that your customers will give feedbacks proactively. You have to place the feedback request page strategically and cleverly.  Customers will only give feedbacks at that moment when they are happy with your service. So just like the strategy that OLA follows, you can do the same.

App Store Ratings

Build a great app support team

At the initial stage, you might handle the app support queries on your own. However, what about the time when you cannot resolve on your own anymore? You might land up in a situation where you have limited resources and a large number of issues just like below.

This is a way round strategy to enhance app store optimization. As you already know that happy customers come to write reviews proactively, building a great app support team will help you to make the customer happy. There are two possible solutions to provide good app support.

Building In-house app support team

Building your own app support team can be a good idea. At the same time, it can be very expensive as well to cover up 24*7 app support. Moreover, you got to train them separately for the specific purpose.

Great Team

Outsourcing app support team

A better way to provide convenient app support is to partner with an experienced outsourcing company. They are specialized and professional. You do not have to put many efforts to get good results. Moreover, your support cost goes lower than your in-house team.

When customers get good app support, they would certainly give you good ratings and reviews; else your support agent can ask customers for the same after resolving the issue.

It does not matter that you have just started your business or established yourself in the market already, if your app does not have a good position on the play store, you are lagging behind.  The above discussed three tips will certainly help you to make an advanced app store optimization strategy for better visibility on app stores.

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