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3 Ways eSurveillance Enhances Security at Government Buildings

eSurveillance for Office

Government departments have infrastructure, assets, documents and people that need protection. They remain prone to vandalism, intrusion, and theft. Protection offered by security guards often remains insufficient given the resourcefulness of intruders and methods with which break-ins take place. Thus, modern eSurveillance measures are a vivid security requirement for government buildings today. A few of them are discussed below.

Video surveillance

To protect a building, it is essential to ensure safety and security of its outdoor. Watching real time security video of the outdoor helps spot suspicious activity and increases response time. Video surveillance increases the effectiveness of security forces deployed outside buildings. Instead of limited vision of what security personnel watch around, video monitoring can help watch multiple feeds at once and direct the personnel in areas that need more vigilance. Such a monitoring system ensures proactive reporting if someone tries to break in.

IoT surveillance

Appropriate security of a government building calls for the identification of high priority areas that need security. For instance, the most important areas of a building include entry points and zones where assets and documents have been kept.  Installation of IoT based door and window sensors strengthens security by raising event-based alerts when an area with restricted access was opened. In addition, it helps in proactively deterring the occurrence of an incident and ensure seamless connectivity of cameras with other security devices.

Managed ESurveillance service

The government departments that already have CCTV cameras in place should consider upgrading to managed eSurveillance service. It leads to monitoring a site anytime, anywhere using a smartphone and video audits that help exercise better control and visibility over concerned areas even during off / night hours.

Thus, a few steps taken by government can help its various departments switch to proactive security. GizmoSupport can help government departments to have advanced security measures in place. Our unified platform aids connectivity of existing security equipment that eliminates the need to get new cameras and our IoT based sensors deliver event-based alerts, the moment they are triggered. Get in touch with us to know more.

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