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4 Advanced App Engagement Strategies

App Engagement

App engagement is the next important thing after increasing your app installs. Once you access to the gateway of your customer’s mobile, the next thing you need to focus on is to retain them for a long time. Here are some strategies that you need to follow to improve app engagement.

Make It Attractive & User-Friendly

When you make your application, keep few things in mind:

  • Save the valuable time of your customers by keeping things concise and clear.
  • Focus on the important features that should be showcased at the first place.
  • Make it fast and attractive so that users never think of switching to another app.
  • Creativity in the right direction always works, so make it creative. has its own app which has become very popular and engaging in its target segment. It is concise, attractive, creative and main features are pretty highlighted.

App Engagement

Use Push Notifications Cleverly

Push notifications are to send a specific reminder or incentive to your customers. To do this, you need to track in-app activities, create segments and target accordingly.

App push Notification

The notifications should be engaging enough to bring the user back to the app instantly. If there is a notification for e-commerce portal products then the product should be related to the last search made by the user, not something which is not relevant at all, this increases app engagement. However remember:

“Just Because You Can Reach Users at Any Time, Doesn’t Mean You Should “By Adam Marchick, CEO of leading technology company.

To improve app engagement, push notifications are helpful in most cases but can also be considered as spams when you misuse them. As a result, you end up with numbers of uninstallations.

Utilize Social Media Sharing Platforms

Push users to share their app updates on social media to enhance app engagement .If your app has some features that insist your customers share their achievements then you take a closer step towards better app engagement.

Social Media - App Engagement

For example, Nike+ running app is one such app that allows users to share new milestones achieved, records made, and calories burnt. There’s an emotional value attached to these apps, and customers want to immediately share their “feats” with their mates.

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular platforms for sharing such information. Sharing provides exposure to your app and engages customers more than before.

There is one important thing you need to keep in mind here.

While social sharing should be readily available in the app, it shouldn’t be annoying, and must not interfere with the customer experience.


Tele-Calling For Passive Customers

Outbound Tele-calling is also a great way to enhance app engagement. Your existing passive customer gets call updates for the new offers and discount coupons. Thus, passive app users are re- engaged by acknowledging them about the current offers and coupon codes.


You might have a useful app, with nice features but there is no certainty that customers will find it engaging. You need to give good reasons to your customers not to leave your app. It is always way less costly to retain an existing customer than acquiring a new one. Whether you are a startup or an established business you need to keep your customers engaged and coming back to you multiple times. To enhance your app engagement, follow the strategies discussed above. We ensure that this will certainly help you out to get better results.

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