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4 Crucial Reasons to have Surveillance in Retail Stores

Surveillance in retail stores

Surveillance in retail stores has undergone a long journey. Security guards patrolling properties is a thing of the past. E-surveillance has largely replaced human involvement for security concerns. Advanced equipment that once looked expensive is now affordable. In addition, today’s security equipment comes with extensive capabilities such as video monitoring, cloud storage, wireless setups, night vision, mobile alerts, and much more.

As per Transparency Market Research, global video surveillance and VSaaS market is expected to rise at a CAGR of 16.6% between 2017 and 2025.

Clearly, the latest of surveillance will see significant adoption rate in the years to come. Here are a few strong reasons to have surveillance in retail stores. Take a look at them:

  1. Surveillance gives Total Control
    Surveillance in retail stores ensures peace of mind for the owners as with sensors and alarm systems; they have the privilege of getting alerts whenever any disrupting activity takes place. Having a smart IP camera installed, they get a notification on their mobile phone, the moment any disturbing motion or sound is detected. Similarly, door sensors deployed at sensitive areas push mobile notifications when they are triggered. This helps taking a protective action on time and avoids any possible loss. Explore more about smart security systems.
  2. Alarms turn Thieves Away
    Alarms triggered by sensors deter the urge of intrusion. Most of the ‘would-be thieves’ have the psychic fear of getting caught in the action. Thus, the shrilling noise of an alarm curtails the possibilities of theft.
  3. Cloud Technology Empowers Security
    Cloud technology has taken video surveillance to the next level. With cloud-based surveillance, you get access to camera footage at anytime, anywhere. Unlike traditional surveillance systems where DVRs were used for storage, cloud surveillance enables video storage in the cloud. It is advanced and securer than DVRs.
  4. Investment in Surveillance Pays you Back
    Investing in surveillance is cost-effective. It pays you back in the form of protected assets, reduced internal theft, and better operational efficiency. Monitoring of employees at retail stores ensures their adherence to store policies, resulting in improved productivity and optimized operations.

Thus, retail store owners must consider these vital reasons to have surveillance on-board. GizmoSupport is a trusted partner to get started with a surveillance system or to give it a revamp. We provide an end-to-end surveillance solution, right from installation to maintenance. Get in touch with us to have advanced security at your retail store.

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