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6 Top Mistakes Businesses make when Outsourcing App Support

Outsourcing App Support

Outsourcing is a popular practice today due to various benefits, like cost-effectiveness, flexibility, business extension, and more. Several businesses fail to reap the full potential of outsourcing app support when they make one or more mistakes.

However, you don’t need to make all those mistakes and learn putting everything in the right place. Rather, you can learn from common mistakes made by other businesses to ensure positive results, as discussed below:

  • More Focus on Saving Money: Cost saving is a major benefit of outsourcing, and most businesses state this as their prime reason why they outsource in-app support. This influences the business owners’ decision of choosing the right partner, compelling them to choose the one with the lowest rates, ignoring quality factors.
    On the contrary, you should include various other factors like operational reliability, skilled resources, experience, and tools/technologies used. Comparing outsourcing service providers on both cost and quality factors helps you choose the right match for your business needs.
  • Poor Communication: While outsourcing, you need to be in regular communication with the service provider, the manager, or the team working for you. This is to ensure that your expectations, their problems, and other important things are communicated between both the parties on time. Thus, you can solve any problem as soon as it erupts, and ensure better progress to achieve the desired results.
    Lack of proper communication, on the other side, can lead to dissatisfaction for your in-app support services and affect business productivity.
  • Taking Outsourcing as an instant, ideal solution: Many businesses consider outsourcing as an immediate solution to their support problems, which leads to poor business results. Additionally, this also impacts how companies look for an outsourcing agency and generally leads to wrong decisions.
    Rather, developing a fruitful relationship with the service provider and establishing a clear understanding of your business goals takes time. Thus, you should invest proper research in finding the right partner to outsource app support and achieve positive results.
  • Improper Management: Most business owners set themselves free from the hassles of in app support, when they outsource to an external agency. This causes poor management of support operations, which could cause customer dissatisfaction and failure to achieve desired goals.
  • Mistakes Measuring Performance: When outsourcing, businesses don’t have a complete control over the activities performed by outsourcing service providers. But, they measure the performance with a defined set of KPIs, to ensure a better control over their services. Thus, efficient business performance depends significantly on the set of parameters selected and used.
    Often businesses choose the wrong performance indicators, leading to non-desired results from the outsourcing partners.
  • Ignoring Time Zone Differences: With internet access getting common across the globe, businesses are able to serve customers from across multiple countries. This means you need a support team available during the regular working hours of the target audience location. Many businesses ignore this fact while finding outsourcing partners, and hence fail to deliver timely support services to their customers.

To conclude, if you are going to outsource app support for your business, you should avoid making any of the mistakes discussed above. Finding the right service provider to deliver timely resolutions to your customers with efficient services and proper management ensures positive outcomes from outsourcing. To know more about outsourcing in-app support services, Contact Us.

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