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3 Vital Customer Engagement Strategies for E-Commerce

customer service companies for ecommerce

The central point of success for every e-commerce company is customer acquisition and retention. However, consumers today have plethora of choices and they are not afraid to choose other options at the drop of a hat. This makes it imperative for companies to be strategic about customer retention through continuous engagement. Partnering with customer service companies for e-commerce can ensure strong traction over customer engagement since customer service & experience is not one size fits all. Streamlining processes and empowering staff is necessary to make sure each customer interaction is personalized and satisfying.

Businesses striving to improve the way they interact with their online audience must look at a few vital strategies which engage customers:

  1. Facilitate Multi-channel Presence
    Consumers can try reaching a company through multiple channels. Predominantly, the customer must have the same experience through all channels.Companies that are not present on multiple touch points are losing opportunities to induce demand and brand presence. The touchpoints can be through live chat on a website, an email, comments and messages on social media, or a mobile app. Multi-touch point presence ensures stronger customer engagement. It helps online players to study consumer behavior, deliver timely answers to queries, and influence buying decisions.
  2. Intelligence on Social Media
    Social media intelligence is about getting into the numbers, gathering insights and taking steps to improve current scenarios. For instance, activities like sharing customer reviews on Facebook, Twitter, etc. are the eyes to a purchaser’s decision making process.
    As per a survey by Bright Local, “84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.”
    Similarly, using personalized advertisements and offering deals on special occasions make a mark on consumers’ mindset. This pushes possibilities of sales and brand recall many steps further. It comprises a mix of several other activities, where customer service outsourcing would help.
  3. A 24/7 Helpline
    Though, it’s the digital age, yet the impact of 24/7 availability over the phone cannot be underrated. It assures that customers are able to get assistance from the company at any time and get a quick response. Outsourcing customer service can help with customer handling, influencing their purchasing possibility into a reality.

The tactical nature of round the clock availability allows a personal relationship to be built between a brand and a customer. The goal is not merely restricted to incite a purchase. Brands need to use one-on-one interaction to promote brand loyalty. Professional services provided by customer service companies are an integral component of effective customer engagement.

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