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Benefits of ‘Cloud’ in Cloud-Based Surveillance

Cloud-based surveillance

Cloud-based surveillance is getting increasingly adopted across different business sectors. It enables storage of archived videos of an IP camera in the cloud, which is a server accessed through the internet. There are a number of benefits associated with the adoption of cloud video surveillance. It’s upfront advantage is cost-saving as it does not require capital investment. With cloud storage, there is no requirement to maintain physical storage devices, have backup systems or maintain a technical team.

As per a Seagate report, 83% organizations use cloud solutions to store video footage.

Cloud-based surveillance provides a range of benefits that are discussed below:

  • Round-the-clock Access to Footage: Cloud-based surveillance provides access to footage at any time, no matter where you are. In traditional video surveillance, physical presence is required at the place where incident has happened. Further, getting the evidence would require pulling out the DVR and rewind the footage to the estimated time of incident. With cloud surveillance, watching a video needs an internet connection, which is simpler and convenient.
  • More Storage: There’s no chance running out of space with cloud-based video surveillance. It is scalable as per the need unlike in physical devices, which have storage capacity up to a specified limit. Videos are stored on the cloud and accessed through the internet at any time, anywhere. Once you have a cloud solution on-board, physical storage devices no longer remain a mandate.
  • Secured Recordings: Videos stored on DVRs always remain at a risk. In fact, there is possibility of a DVR getting stolen itself. Cloud-based recordings rest safely in the cloud where no tampering can be done.
  • Only hardware requirement is a camera: Yes, with cloud video surveillance, IP camera is the only hardware device, which is required. In case, anything needs to be upgraded, it is only the cloud subscription plans as per need. Also, a hardware upgrade would only be necessary when you wish to get a new camera.

Shifting from traditional video surveillance to a cloud-based solution is a good move. Cloud-based surveillance comes with unmatched benefits in the form of greater security, more reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Be it for corporate security or retail surveillance, a cloud solution ensures 24/7/365 video security.

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