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The Changing Support Ecosystem of Online Travel Websites

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Online travel websites have become a one-stop solution for all the travel needs of consumers. From booking flights, railway tickets, and hotel rooms to renting cabs, they are omnipresent. With rising mobile usage and emergence of new technologies, customer experience is the only diffrentiator today.

As per a Gartner prediction, “89% companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience.”

Transforming the customers support ecosystem is possible in the following ways:

  1. Improving Voice Support: Voice remains the preferred support channel for travel companies. However, they need to carry out stringent improvement efforts to resolve complex customer issues over the phone. Outsourcing inbound voice support helps monitor important performance metrics and ensure customer queries are effectively met with. On the other side, outbound support outsourcing for travel helps carrying out fruitful upsell and cross-sell activities.
  2. Adopting Mobile for Better Customer Experience: Increasing smart phone penetration, and rising use of mobile apps have opened up new opportunities for travel service providers to improve their customer experience. Incorporating features that help offering location-based services, facilitate mobile payments, etc. mobile apps help deliver customized services taking customer experience miles ahead. Outsourcing app support puts customers’ mobile experience in professional hands and goes a long way to facilitate business enhancement for travel companies.
  3. Chat Integration on the Web & App: Rising popularity of instant messaging apps have resulted in soaring consumer expectations about their interaction with companies. By integrating chat into their mobile apps and on their website, online travel websites can significantly enhance customer engagement. It eases the users’ way to get quick resolutions to their queries while adding personalization in the process. Outsourcing chat support for apps and website is a pivotal step to enhance customer acquisition for travel companies.
  4. Going Social more than Ever: It is imperative to keep a watchful eye on social media for travel companies. Customers write reviews on websites, tweet about their experiences, post about their vacation, and do stuff that catches the attention of their counterparts. While this relates to having online presence, it also highlights the significance of maintaining a good online reputation. Effective social media management helps establishing a positive online reputation.

The Way Forward
Future is likely to see chatbots coming into the picture to handle mainstream customer support for travel companies. Powered by AI, bots are trained to answer queries of customers and keep learning from their conversations to deliver personalized responses.

It is essential for travel companies to transform their customer support ecosystem to create a differentiated place in the industry. However, in order to point it towards the right direction, resorting to a trusted outsourcing service provider is recommended. With 12+ years of experience, GizmoSupport can help travel companies with application lifecycle management, voice, chat, and e-mail support. Get in touch with us to discover more about outbound support outsourcing for travel.

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