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Customer Experience amid Digital Disruption: CIOs & CXOs

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From “May I know your order number?” to “Thank you Mr. X for being loyal. You recently upgraded your service. Are you satisfied or looking for any upgrades?” Customer service has evolved tremendously. Digital transformation has caused a far-reaching impact on how businesses deal with customers today. Customer experience has surpassed price, product, and other factors as a measure of customer loyalty. Not only CX leaders but also CIOs need to invest on how to improve customer experience to prevent loss of revenue as well as brand negativity.

Digital Customer Service Meets the Traditional

While traditional customer service was majorly about call centers, today it includes chat, social, instant messaging, and email among others Quick adoption of technology has reshaped the way businesses communicate with customers and vice-versa. In the age of instant gratification-end-users look for fast, high-quality, mobile, anytime/anywhere support. This calls for upgrading the current training methodologies for support staff aided by technology. The concept of technology aided learning is emerging as one of the biggest customer service trends today with digital and traditional customer services fusing together.

Delivering an outstanding customer experience isn’t rocket science to understand and apply. Being a customer service head, this ever-changing CX landscape requires a lot of research, substantial investment and effort to implement change. Many businesses today prefer outsourcing customer service in order to minimize costs and beat the competition.

To improve customer experience, CIOs and CX leaders must look at

1. Personalization is the Key: As per American Express’ Global Customer Service Barometer 2017, personalization is one of the key attributes for improving customer service in the next 5 years. Customers expect call centre agents to be aware of their details (name, contact, & product) and offer them personalized support service. This not only promotes a better customer experience but also adds to the revenue as customers appreciate upgrade/additional service suggestions from support agents.

Source: Global Customer Service Barometer 2017

2. Modernize Contact Center Technology & Infrastructure: Increasing focus on online presence and omni-channel experience for better service needs businesses to equip their contact centers with the latest technology solutions. One of the prime benefits of customer service outsourcing is high return on cost vis a vis services offered along with latest technology infrastructure.
3. Raise the Bar with Customer Experience Innovation: Ever wondered why brands like Rolls Royce never advertise, or imagined why Apple, Tesla, and Disney have such a huge fan following? Innovative customer experience approach is their key to create an outstanding relation with their customers. CX innovation could come in cost-efficient solutions while delivering effective results and a better ROI.
4. Capture Real-time Feedback: All your efforts are going in vain if you aren’t measuring their effectiveness. Capturing real-time feedback helps build data for analysis that may assist you while taking business decisions.

While following industry trends is important, to deliver personalized service through modern technology is what leads to path-breaking ways to improve customer experience.

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