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The Customer Experience Blueprint for Banks

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In this customer-centric age, banks can stand out through great customer experience. The homogeneous landscape of banking does not give much substance to differentiate. While financial instruments and prices are mostly same; infrastructure, customer base, and bank expanse are speedily becoming traditional differentiators. Clearly, customer experience indicates the way through. Improved mobile banking, intelligent bots, call center outsourcing are some of the ways with which banks can deliver the desired CX level.

According to a Gartner Study, 89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of CX.

Banks, therefore must involve the following game-changing trends in their CX blueprint to run par customer expectations:

  • Customers Worship Mobile
    Given its convenience, there has been a considerable rise in the use of mobile banking. People’s increasing familiarity with app usage have significantly given rise to mobile transactions. However, banks need to go ahead and add more advanced functions to their apps for added user convenience and improved experience. In addition, they need to play tactically with app alerts making sure that only contextual and useful app notifications are sent to incite required customer action.
  • Bots are the Best Mates
    Many banks have already rolled out chabots making them play a partial role in customer service. The fact that consumers get to use bots on social media platforms, they engage well with their quick and useful responses. However, bots are only as good as the mechanisms that back them. Ineffective architecture, outdated platforms, and poor knowledge management can lead to ineffective customer experience. Since stakes in banking are higher, banks need to have chatbots built with the right mix of knowledge and technology. Click here to know how knowledge management and technology is a perfect recipe for successful chabots.
  • Telephonic Reliability is Emotionally Satisfying
    Banks need to focus on emotion-based experiences. Apart from convenience and quickness, customers seek reliability. The impulse of speaking to the bank and getting assisted has a lot of psychic significance. Getting a quick and correct resolution by speaking with a support representative encourages the feelings of safe and reliable banking. Call center outsourcing services for BFSI goes a long way to strengthen customer reliability on banks.
  • Easing out Customer Journey
    Customer journey indicates the series of steps they take to complete a particular transaction. Also, it involves measuring the customer effort that goes into completion of a specific activity, for example opening a new account or getting a credit card. Call center outsourcing with right the partner can ensure timely follow up calls to make customers well informed about the procedures they need to follow for convenient completion of their tasks.

Although banks have already woken up to the importance of customer experience to their business, yet they need to take the right initiatives towards its consistency and improvement. Contact us to get the apt solutions for CX enhancement and encouraging customer advocacy.

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