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E-Surveillance – The key for Corporate Security


It is in the best interest of a corporate unit to ensure security of its employees and physical assets. As per a PwC survey, 71% respondents considered security risks to be of strategic importance to their business. Organizations have started treating security functions on par with other functions such as human resources, and facilities. Security is the fundamental aspect of protecting premises, and employees. Thus, having a robust security policy in place is essential. Today’s security systems are powered by technology advancement. This is the reason why security guards have been replaced by e-surveillance with smart components like IP cameras, door sensors, alarms, and more.

Let’s take a look at the importance of security in a company:

  1. Protection: It is to ensure that a company is protected against theft, crime, unauthorized entries, and attacks.
  2. Tracking & monitoring: An organization that has implemented e-surveillance can keep track and monitor productivity of its employees as well as ensure that they are safe on premises.
  3. Record keeping: Incidents where crime or theft has taken place, IP cameras can provide evidence through their recordings and help with the legal matters.

Division of Security Areas:

  • Entry & exit points: These should be monitored for authorized personnel and visitor entry.
  • Offices and rooms: These constitute areas where IT facilities and core business activities take place. They also include computer rooms and server centers where critical data and physical assets are kept. Video monitoring solutions help monitor these rooms so that no unwanted activity takes place.
  • Delivery and loading areas: These areas often remain isolated and are more prone to security risks. Smart cameras and motion detectors are deployed in such areas so that intrusions are effectively dealt with.

Once that the security areas are defined, it is also important to carry out their strategic identification to ensure that cameras are placed at the right spots. Without identifying the crucial spots, barriers to security are bound to arise. Strategic positioning of cameras also avoids the situation of deploying more cameras to monitor a particular section than it actually requires.

Door sensors can be installed in sensitive areas where selective personnel is allowed to enter. This can help by notifying and raising alarms upon unauthorized entry. In addition, video monitoring solutions help keep a track on overall activities of employees taking place in a company premises. Click here to know about proactive security systems and IoT for business that overpower CCTV cameras.

Physical security is the key to establish a sense of protection and safety in the working environment. GizmoSupport provides managed e-surveillance including operational audits, and energy management to ensure all round safety and security in a corporate unit. Our end-to-end solution covers installation, maintenance and everything in between. Get in touch with us to know more about e-surveillance.

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