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How E-Commerce can Benefit From Chat Support Outsourcing

Chat Support Outsourcing

Your website is important for your business. If you are into e-commerce, then your website works as a major revenue generator. You always want your customers not to leave your website without making a purchase. However, according to sales cycle 75.6% carts ultimately gets abandoned. Luckily, these carts are not permanently lost. According to Business Insider, 63% of abandoned carts are potentially recoverable. To recover the carts you need to provide instant customer service via live chat.

The root of the problem:

Before starting with your live chat support, you need to know the reasons for which customers abandon carts. There can be numerous causes behind it. Here are some common reasons for the same:

  • Shipping, Handling and tax charges added at the time of check-out
  • Wish list for future purchases
  • Price comparison with other websites
  • Window shopping
  • Complicated checkout process
  • Urgency to get offline
  • Unavailability of instant query resolution
  • Unavailability of certain facilities such as COD, discounts etc.

Some of these issues are not resolvable, but few of them can be sorted out by providing instant chat support. When the customer is about to abandon the cart, if you offer a discount coupon or simplify a query then it can be a conversion.

Live Chat Support implementation:

Now that you know, live chat is the key to some of your solutions; you should also know what points to keep in mind while implementing live chat for your e-commerce website.

Research on customer behavior:

Do a complete research on customers to know when they exactly need support. For example, in few of the cases customers get stuck on the registration page. Sometimes they take a pause while doing the final checkout due to mental conflict. Some customers leave your website when they make a price comparison. Even some of them come to your website only for window shopping.

You need to calculate the average time for these cases and set a trigger time to decide when they need support. Then approach proactively as per the case. This will help you to reach your customers when they need your help.

Agent Training:

You might have your in-house team for call or email support  and planning to move few of them to chat support. You cannot do that immediately. They need to be trained on several key areas and it is also not necessary that they have to belong from a support background. Your live chat agents not only need to be familiar with your Product lines or services, they also need to know the website navigation and functions thoroughly. Some customers reach chat support agents when they encounter a pain point in the shopping process, the agent should be sufficiently trained to convert the query to a purchase.

Or you can outsource chat support to a reliable support team who has professionally trained agents to serve your purpose.

Agent Accessibility:


When customers come to visit your website, just send a chat greeting to make them feel comfortable with the purchasing process. They may or may not reply but it certainly increases the confidence level of your customer while shopping. Also being unavailable after a certain time of a day might miss some queries. It’s better to be available 24*7.

Your customers are impatient and competition in the market is high. If you do not get proactive about the new technological changes, your customer service will be weakened. Live chat support is the new medium to provide instant customer support in a more effective way than the conventional support systems. Chat support is so instant that a conversation about your product can make or break a sale. If you can manage this transition by training your own in-house team then its fine or it’s time to outsource professional chat support agents.

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