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How Esurveillance for Office in India Helps

ESurveillance for office

Safety & security of a staff within the office premises is the responsibility of the business owner. Many employ security guards for the same, at entry & exit gates or sensitive areas, but they can’t monitor the entire premises at once. This is one of the reasons why esurveillance for office has gained traction, while a few others are discussed below:

It Helps Control Thefts

With a regular watch on all the areas of a business, theft becomes difficult, as the thief can be easily caught. When the staff knows about the cameras keeping an eye on their activities, they try to behave their best, and avoid getting engaged in any negative activity. Thus, a esurveillance in India can help deter a wide range of issues, ranging from theft of small items like one’s calculator to sensitive items like cell phones, pen drives, and even company data.

Real-time Supervision

As per a general human tendency, when the boss is not around, most of the staff members get engaged in non-productive tasks. Though not applicable to all, but the phrase “When the cat is away, the mice play” do apply to some of the staff members. To make sure that employees always deliver their best at work, investing in real-time supervision via a virtual guard service is the right idea. With today’s advanced surveillance solutions, this live monitoring can be done over a mobile device via the internet as well.

Resolve Employee Disputes

Very often, conflicts arise among fellow employees at a workplace, which sometimes start from the what he/she said-type debates. Having a video footage of the workplace can serve as an evidence of who ignited the fire of the fight. Not only this, surveillance solution for office in India can also help resolve serious issues, or prevent any dispute from reaching an intense level.

Optimizing Operations

All the businesses that have a factory or a warehouse need video monitoring services to optimize operations on-site, and improve efficiency. Audit reports from a professional surveillance service provider can help understand whether the staff is being utilized correctly or not. In warehouses, it further helps managers to utilize available space with efficient placement of inventory and goods. Further, tracking the time of arrival and dispatch of goods helps deliver correct information to clients, customers, or business owners.

Energy Management

Surveillance can also help cut down the energy costs of an office. With live monitoring or regular audits, managers can know if employees are shutting down their computer systems while leaving the office or not. A regular check on unnecessary use of lights and other appliances can also be done to prevent energy wastage. Thus, having such reports in hand helps a business in meeting energy management goals and saving a lot on unwanted expenses.


Thus, the benefits of surveillance solution for office in India are quite clear, whether the staff enjoys the idea of being under watch or not. Surveillance ensures the safety & protection of the staff & office, allows remote supervision, optimize operations as well as helping save costs. However, businesses need to invest in reliable services offered by a professional partner with expert staff to meet and manage their surveillance needs.GizmoSupport offers managed esurveillance solutions for various sectors like retail, logistics, baking and more. Not only business houses but educational institutes are also provides school security systems to safeguard their staff and property. We help both secure your sites and improve operational efficiency.

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