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How good is outsourcing Email & Chat Support?

Email & Chat Support

Email has become primary medium to deliver customer support. The last decade has seen a huge rise in demand for email support. People like to get technical support over email.Apart from this, chat has also emerged out to be a great medium for support delivery. In the multi-channel era, though businesses have taken a leap by delivering support over multiple channels like voice, live chat, self-service, but still, email has been a complete winner when it comes to providing customer support.

Thus, businesses have started taking advantage of this by providing email & chat support services to customers. These channels enable organizations to cover a large customer base and deliver a great customer experience.

Here are some advantages of email & chat support outsourcing that make it a great choice to outsource.

Customer Trust This Channel

People generally tend to trust things in written form.It is a common belief that companies will take complaints more seriously if done via email. Also, emails provide a written record of the conversation that can be used for future references.


The real benefit that email & chat outsourcing brings along is the monetary benefit. However, being a technology driven channel, it demands huge expenditure in terms of technology and infrastructure. But when you outsource it to experts, you save your business a lot of money as the outsourcing company already has this equipment available with them. Moreover, you can expect a great Return On Investment (ROI) when you outsource it to professionals.

Detailed Solution can be Provided

Email gives users a privilege of describing their issues in a detailed manner including all relevant attachments which will help in supporting their argument. This helps a support agent to understand the issue in detail and then provide a detailed solution meant to resolve the problem in the best possible way. The solution can then be used for future references also if a similar problem arises again.

Conversation remains Private

This is a great benefit which customers enjoy over other channels. When seeking support over social media, the conversation is generally visible to public. This compromises the privacy. Some users are very concerned about their privacy and do not want to discuss their issues openly with others. Emails are thus, a great channel to ask for support without disclosing the privacy.

Busy Customers Just Love It

Customers get frustrated if they have to wait in the long queues. Email support is appreciated by customers who remain busy. Busy customers can check the emails as per their own convenience and reply whenever they feel like doing so.

Important Surveys can be Conducted

Measuring the customer behavior is a very crucial step when aiming to deliver a great customer experience. Emails are used to push important surveys which help in gauging customer behavior and take necessary actions to improvise.

By outsourcing email & chat support, you get all these benefits for your business. But the outsourcing partner must be chosen wisely. GizmoSupport is a leading business process outsourcing company delivering outstanding email & chat support services and outbound & inbound call center services to help your business deliver a great customer experience. To know more, feel free to Reach Us.  

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