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How In-App Support can help startups to stay ahead of competition

In-app support

Smartphones have changed the lifestyle of millennial customers. Reports say that the most used and preferred device today is smartphone. In US an average smartphone user spends 3 hours a day on their mobile devices. In India also, 158 million users are found to be using smartphone apps daily for extended hours. Therefore, it is quite evident that, worldwide customers are using smartphone apps daily and this trend has enforced businesses to develop their mobile applications. In fact, nowadays it has become mandatory for businesses to have their own app.

Right now, businesses are competing over how better customer experience can be provided to their app users and that is why in-app support is getting more and more importance these days.


How in-app support makes a difference:

With the help of in-app support, customers can connect with businesses at their own convenience from inside the app. Many startups have already implemented contextual interactions by routing chat communications to specific departments, and thereafter customers can check for delivery status and any other details. An in-app chat is so user friendly that a customer can ask for support while browsing products in his smartphone.

In app chat integrates the convenience of live chat and instance of a voice call. If a customer feels that his query can be resolved via chat only then he can continue chatting or if he feels to connect over call then it is just a touch away to switch the communication channel. Furthermore, in most cases support agents can chat with number of customers simultaneously saving time and cost.

Few days back, Uber started shifting their email customer support to in-app chat support. Process has been initiated in US first and will be implemented worldwide gradually. According to Uber, the response time to their ticket will drastically change with this move and positive results are already being witnessed.

The startup advantage:

In this era of technological advancement, where every business has their own application, customer support has become the only differentiator. Regardless of the business name, customers are running behind better experience. If you are a startup, providing excellent customer experience, then you will win the race certainly. In-app chat can be a key factor to provide excellent customer support and can be game changer for you.

In a nutshell, if you want to provide advanced customer support to your app users, in-app support is the ideal tool for your business. Specifically for startups, in app support outsourcing can be a key factor for them to run ahead in the race.

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