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Increasing Digital Banking and Payments Adoption

Increasing digital banking adoption

Digital Banking and Payments started off as an option, but now it has evolved into a necessity.  Consumers who are well versed in technology are making a seamless transition towards digital platforms, but many still face various challenges in adopting new age of banking & payments.

Challenges of Digital Adoption:

  • Lack of awareness of services & benefits
  • Perceived Risk
  • Cumbersome process
  • Demographic Factors

 Even after signing people up for digital platforms, the major challenge is making them shift their dependence from cash to cashless permanently. This will involve convincing people by proper education on usage and benefits.


Consumers and merchants want easy and effective experience. They expect the banks and wallet companies to provide:

  • Step by Step Guided Approach:

Effective education on using digital platforms likes mobile banking, net banking, digital wallets, Procedure for applying for swipe machine for merchants, to name a few.

  • 24*7 Support on the channel of their choice:

Consumers want to move between multiple channels without having to repeat their situation every time, be it call center, social media, e-mail or chat.

GizmoSupport’s play in digitizing customers

We are India’s Top “Digital Customer Acquisition” Partner for Banks and Wallet companies, with experience of onboarding 1.2 Million + customers onto Mobile & Net Banking channels for leading banks in India.

Our Service portfolio includes:

  • Customer Acquisition: Step by step guided support for onboarding novice customer to the digital channel.
  • Customer Support: Enhanced Customer experience with multi-channel support.
  • Revenue Enhancement:Cross Sell/ Upsell Products and Services.
  • Customer Retention: Effective problem resolution to turn inactive customer to active customer as well as prevent customer churn.
  • Customer Analytics: Gauge “NET PROMOTER SCORE” and, do special surveys on ‘customer behavior to provide insights for further enhancement of services.
  • Usage Enhancement: Turning inactive customers into active customers

Our Credentials

  • 12+ Years of experience in contact center industry
  • Acquiring 70,000+ customers onto digital channels month on month for a leading bank of the country
  • 45 Lakh + successful customer interactions across voice and non-voice touch points month on month
  • Generating INR 4.75 Cr month on month for our clients
  • Retaining 23,000+ customers month on month for our clients
  • Survey of 60,000+ customers month on month to provide business insights

Interested to know more? Contact Us with your business requirements.

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