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Lead Nurturing – Bridging the Conversion Gaps

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Majority of prospects choose to navigate their way through the buyer’s journey without upfront engagement with a sales representative. Nevertheless, despite their interest to buy, they remain reluctant. Early stages of the buyer’s journey are crucial where prospects get swayed by competitors. This deviation indicates that companies need to have a lead nurturing process in place that takes a prospective buyer from the initial awareness stage to consideration, and finally towards making the buying decision. Resorting to outbound call center services would be of great help to facilitate significant lead nurturing activities.

As per Demand Gen Report’s 2015 Lead Nurturing Benchmark Study, 42% marketers have been implementing lead nurturing tactics for more than two years.

What stages do lead nurturing process involves?

Lead Nurturing, Lead Nurturing process

  1. Awareness: The less a prospect is aware about your product, the less likely he is to be your customer. Thus, this stage necessitates using a prospect’s behavioral traits, needs, and challenges to estimate the most appropriate activities required for product awareness. Engaging them at regular intervals with relevant product information minimizes their chances of shifting to a competitor.
  2. Consideration: In order to let them consider buying your product, it is essential to make your prospects feel that they are being prioritized. Timely follow-ups are a key to do that. Initiating calls to resolve their queries and doubts demonstrate that they are being valued. A pragmatic way to accomplish this objective is through outbound call center services. While outsourcing outbound support helps save costs, it is an effective way to ensure that envisioned activities get carried out on time.
  3. Decision: This stage is about helping the prospects get inclined towards making the buying decision. By delivering specific messages, tailored e-mails, and speaking directly to them; effectiveness of engagement can be enhanced. Personalized attention from the company goes a long way towards convincing them to make a buying decision.
  4. Buying: This is the final stage of lead nurturing where conversion takes place. At this stage, being present for your prospects at multiple touch points ensures that their most common challenges and questions are being addressed as per their choice. In addition, it speaks well about your brand’s capability to fulfill their needs; and eventually helping them buy the product.

Thus, a successful lead nurturing process significantly contributes towards converting prospects into buyers. However, all stages of lead nurturing involve several activities. Their execution dwells upon a professional approach, which is feasible to follow with outbound support outsourcing. Read more about outbound call center services.

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