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How Online Reputation Management Affects your Customers’ Buying Preferences?

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How many of you have grabbed your phone and looked up that gadget, hotel, airline, restaurant or hair salon before heading out or while making plans? I bet you’re all nodding your heads right now. What about coming across products/services or places with low ratings or negative reviews when you have searched them on the Internet, would that be your first preference? I’m sure most of you agree with me and are saying of course not, right? With all the options that are available in today’s digital age, you can basically access everything and anything in Internet today.

Online reputation management is key to making sure your business remains at the top of its game to continue driving revenue to the bottom line. And now, recent research shows that responses can not only lead to higher ratings for services but also more substantive reviews even if they aren’t all positive. Your businesses online presence and reputation today determine the buying behavior of your customers.

As per a Tnooz research article, business travelers read an average of 5 reviews before they book a travel package.

Contextual Interactions Help Building a Good Online Reputation

To build a decent online reputation, businesses need to interact with their customers Not only does it relate to delivering an omni-channel customer experience but also to deliver quick response time on chat interactions and e-mail conversations while reflecting their brand image.

Nothing protects you from criticism any more. An annoyed customer may write about a negative experience with your brand, enough to tarnish your brand image. Handling such situations must begin with prompt responses and a genuine interest to solve the customer issue.

It’s always best to be proactive! When expanding your online marketing campaign, and social media marketing, it is important to be able to highlight positive reviews online. Doing it right will catapult your brand image while ensuring the same is read by millions of users who are likely to flow with the ripple of customer centricity. Researchers found that when we read and respond to reviews, unsatisfied consumers become more hesitant to leave unsubstantiated complaints, directly leading to higher ratings.

Common mistakes businesses make are stonewalling criticism, and not being transparent about their shortcomings. Sometimes all what customers want is to feel the sense of being heard and told the truth. Efficient social media management ensures response to criticism is set off with the notion of owning the pitfalls and being transparent about it.

The negative reviews that businesses receive, although longer, can provide valuable feedback to take to heart and improve operations.

And in the end, that kind of communication, if acted on, will only improve the guest experience that drives revenue and more positive reviews in turn. Making experts handle it ensures that it is done right without having any underlying gaps. Working with world’s top telecoms and some notable Fortune 500 companies, GizmoSupport helps their clients maintain a positive online reputation and improve their customer experience. Get in touch with us to know more.

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