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Outsource Customer Feedback: A Guide to Business Success

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There is a thin line between making a business successful and keeping that business successful for a long time. There is no such thing like Autopilot in business where you could just take your business to a level and keep enjoying the benefits. In order to make your business enjoy a continued resonance with your customers, you have to constantly evolve. There’s a saying, “The competition will bite you while you’re running but if you’re still, they will swallow you.” A survey by Econsultancy for Digital Marketing Trends depicts customer experience was the most sought after opportunity beating content marketing and mobile marketing.

customer experienceTo enjoy continued success in your business, you must thrive to deliver a great customer experience. However, to improve customer experience, it is important to harness the power of customer feedback. Customer feedback is very critical as it gives insights to information which can be used to improve products, services and overall customer experience. Here is what makes collecting customer feedback important.

  1. It helps improve products and services

Customer feedback is widely used in product development to ensure that the final product fulfills the customer’s need. Developing products & offering services aimed at addressing customer challenges makes customers participants in the R&D process. Intertwining product development with customer feedback lays the foundation for always staying ahead of competition and enjoy a better customer engagement.

  1. It allows to measure customer satisfaction

You’ll surely want to know whether your services meet customer expectations or exceed them. Customer feedback surveys allow you to measure the customer satisfaction levels. Keeping a track of customer satisfaction levels will give you a clear idea of how happy your customers are with your brand. This can be done via emails or via phone or using rating based questions.

  1. Get actionable insights to a better customer experience

Winning new customers and retaining the existing ones is getting harder day by day. Offering customers a remarkable experience that makes them keep coming back is the best way to stay ahead of your competition. A study states that 89% of companies see customer experience as a key player to improve customer retention & loyalty. Asking your customers what they really want will help to create a consistent and personalized customer experience.

  1. It improves Customer Retention

Happy customers are retained customers. Customer feedback is a great way to know if  customers enjoy your services and know well in advance if they are not happy and looking for better services.

The best way to keep the finger on the pulse is by requesting regular surveys. By listening to your unhappy customers, you can find out what your customers do not like about your brand and help you in improving the offerings.

  1. Provides Concrete data to make better business decisions

Better business decisions are based on data. Many a times, businesses make big decisions based on inaccurate data and later regret it. Do not fall under that category. Let the customer feedback drive your business decisions. It gives you clear insights to what your customers really need and if you are living up to their expectations. If a large number of customers want a specific feature or service to be added, then it is wise to take their feedback into consideration.

To sustain success, businesses need to be more customer-centric. Here are some ways to harness the “voice of customer”.

  1. Surveys

Using a combination of short and long surveys is a great way to gather valuable customer feedback. Asking open questions, one at a time will help to be consistent and help you in achieving your goal. When possible, keeping answers simple to “Yes or No” will save customers’ time and will be highly appreciated. Segmenting the audience according to demographics will help to gather relevant data. Offering a discount for survey completion will attract more customers to participate. Outsourcing customer support to outsourcing companies help to capture valuable customer analytics and attain a valuable guide for future.

  1. Social Media

Social media is a great avenue to understand what customers think about your brand and its services. If your audience is mainly younger generation, it is likely that they spend their time on popular social networks like Facebook & Twitter. Engaging users on social media, listening to them and a quick & personalized response will enhance your brand value and foster more brand advocacy. This makes social media management of utmost priority.

  1. Comment Boxes

Adding comment boxes throughout your website offers users a chance to provide their feedback and at the same time doesn’t hamper website experience. This feedback can be used to gauge the customer behavior and make better business decisions.

Leaning on the experience and expertise of a reputed call center outsourcing services, helps in managing customers effectively. We at GizmoSupport help businesses have a better understanding of consumer behavior and boost business profitability. For business queries, feel free to Contact Us.

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