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Outsource In-App Support & Follow Tips to Create Happy Users

in-app support

Google Play and App store already host millions of apps, with hundreds added daily, making it extremely difficult to get your app discovered. However, you have an option to outsource in-app support to make the maximum of your application business by deploying experts to deliver quality service.

App reviews and ratings play an important part in gaining user attention, which can be improved by delivering a positive customer experience through a dedicated help desk.

According to a Source, around 25% of apps are installed, but never used & 74% customers were reported to spend more to a good customer service. This proves that positive user experience plays a critical role in the success of an app. If you are looking for a solution on how to increase downloads, you can consider outsourcing to a reliable service provider to improve both user acquisition and engagement.

A few tips that can help you improve the quality of in-app support:

  • Add a support option within the app: More customers today prefer contacting a support agent over chat over any other channel of communication. Adding a support tool within the app, like in-app chat can provide users with an easy and convenient method. With instant support from within the app, you can turn negative reviews and low ratings of the app stores to positive.
  • Reduce support requests with in-app FAQs: A knowledge base of common queries and problems offered within the app helps users solve their problems without raising any ticket. However, the database should be easily searchable with pre-defined resolutions for simple and common problems. Users can also access inbuilt FAQ section, even when they are offline.
  • Resolve similar problems at once: Practically applicable to email/chat support, you can group common issues and deliver the single required resolution to all. You can find and deploy a customer service software for this, or outsource in-app support to get a professional do the job for you.
  • Create a follow-up system to not leave any issue unresolved: Inability to resolve all the complaints on time can lead to increase in customer churn. So, generate a follow up method to stay connected to users with pending issues. Tag support tickets based on priority, and work out to resolve high priority ones at first.
  • Quick resolutions attract positive reviews: Emergence of faster connectivity and access to vast information over the internet has increased the expectations of customers for faster resolutions. Though email support is a faster approach, yet in-app support option helps deliver instant real-time resolutions.
  • Equip your team with the right tools: To handle issues faced by mobile app users, the support tools need to be designed for the same platform. This is essential as the use of outdated tools could impact the performance of the best agents as well.
  • Integrate app support with other channels: With the rise of multiple channels of support, customers today prefer businesses that deliver an omni-channel experience. Integrate your existing channels of support with in-app support to deliver a consistent support service.
  • Keep the human touch: Customers get frustrated when they couldn’t get a real person to speak to. If you have deployed real persons to support your app users, guide them to keep the human touch and avoid sounding like a bot. Adapting the culture and words of the customers can help develop mutual understanding and improve customer satisfaction. And, customer support outsourcing can help you achieve your business goals with ease.

These are only a few options to improve the quality of the customer services for your app. Outsource app support to deliver right on the expectations of your app users and boost its rating and ranking of the app stores, with a strong base of active users.

GizmoSupport transforms in-app support with minimum level of effort by the customer accompanied with complete diagnosis of the issue. If you have any queries regarding in-app support , feel free to Contact Us. GizmoSupport is committed to working as your partner and help you achieve your business growth.

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