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Is Outsourcing To India Any Good? Consider These Pros & Cons

outsourcing to India

Businesses outsource technical support to save costs and gain other benefits, while others avoid giving up the control of their business to an external vendor. However, it is essential to know both pros and cons of outsourcing, before handling over the service delivery to a 3rd party service provider.

Benefits of Outsourcing to India

Cost savings and access to expert offshore staff are the common benefits of outsourcing to India, for all business types.

  • Cost Savings: Setting up an in-house team is costlier than hiring staff from an external agency. So, businesses have the option to save costs on infrastructure, salary, and other facilities for an in-house team.
  • Saving Time & Resources for Core Tasks: When businesses outsource technical support, they save enough time and resources to focus on their core tasks. The support functions, on the other hand, are taken care of by the experienced staff of the external agency. Hence, you can emphasize on strengthening the core processes and meet your customers’ needs more efficiently.
  • Specialized Services by the Expertise: Outsourcing vendors gain experience and expertise by delivering services to multiple companies of the same niche. Also, they have access to specific equipment and technical expertise to deliver the right services to end-users.
  • Better productivity: Outsourcing adds a boost to your business’ productivity. This is made possible by an experienced partner handling support services while the organizations focusing on core components. As a result, the outcome of the organization improves on both the core and non-core aspects.
  • Flexible Availability: With offshore outsourcing to India, companies can take the benefit of different time zones for round-the-clock availability. This allows businesses to serve their clients with flexible business hours, attracting more customers.

Difficulties of Outsourcing

Apart from the numerous benefits of outsourcing discussed above, choosing a wrong partner can create more difficulties than advantages for your business.

  • Data Security Risks: When outsourcing, a business has to share access to confidential data with the outsourcing vendor. This creates the risks of sensitive data leakage or misuse, in case the outsourcing service provider doesn’t follow the essential security measures.
  • Cultural, Social, & Communication Differences: Outsourcing to an offshore partner can cause certain difficulties on cultural, social, and geographical grounds. Your company will need to adjust to and accommodate social & cultural practices of the vendor. Along with this, difference in time zones, native language, and accent causes communication difficulties among businesses & service providers.
  • Unwanted Expenses: Though outsourcing practice has gained grounds due to its cost-saving benefits, but partnering with a wrong vendor can add up more expenses. You might need to bear hidden costs, loss of business due to inappropriate services, and others.
  • Lack of Complete Control: When you outsource technical support, you start relying on the technology systems and products used by the vendor. As a result, you end up with losing control on managing the outsourced part of your business.

After studying both advantages and disadvantages, you can decide on which services you need to outsource. Find a reliable partner in order to tackle difficulties and minimize the number of drawbacks. Before you decide to outsource, it is very important that you consider the goals and the objectives  of your company before choosing an outsourcing partner.

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