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Remote Video Monitoring for Office – Proactive way to Security

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Security concerns are universal for every business. Be it an established company or a start up, security carries equal significance. Typical security systems are reactive. They come into effect after an incident has taken place. On the flip side, remote video monitoring for office is a proactive approach, which prevents the occurrence of an unwanted incident, rather than dealing with its after effects.

As per Transparency Market Research, global video surveillance and VSaaS market is expected to rise at a CAGR of 16.6% between 2017 and 2025.

The following factors make it essential for businesses to adopt video surveillance:

  1. Preventing Intrusion: There is always the risk of intruders getting into an office. Especially, offices that do not operate 24/7 remain at a high risk of intrusion during off hours. Video surveillance for office helps monitoring such situations ensuring safety for businesses.
  2. Fire Prevention: Fire in an office can stem from even a small spark in wires. Such things usually remain unnoticed till the time the situation goes precarious. Sometimes, it gets too late to mitigate the loss caused by fire. Remote video monitoring for office can help taking note of a fire breakout well in time, ensuring that the necessary preventive action can be taken thereon.
  3. Monitoring Less Frequented Areas: Less frequented areas of an office can be home to unauthorized activities. Since the staff members would not go there regularly, such activities would not come to notice at all. Business owners must consider monitoring those areas to avoid any gap in office safety and security.
  4. Employee Monitoring: Employees tend to take undue advantage when they know that they are not being watched. In contrast, surveillance service for office helps keeping a watchful eye on their activities. It ensures that they adhere to company policies. Also, it helps finding out their performance gaps beforehand leading to improvement in their work efficiency.
  5. Cost Saving with Electricity Management: Staff members often leave lights, air conditioners, computers, etc. switched on. This results in unnecessary energy consumption, which adds to the business costs. Office surveillance is useful in proactive monitoring of energy consumption ensuring that only the necessary appliances are in use.

Thus, video surveillance for offices not only imparts a proactive approach to security but also helps with employee monitoring and energy management. GizmoSupport is a trusted partner to get started with office surveillance. We provide an end-to-end surveillance solution, right from installation to maintenance and are flexible enough to accommodate legacy security systems. Get in touch with us to know more.

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