Are You Delivering a Seamless Travel Customer Experience?

customer experience for travel

The travel industry has been dynamic and has seen more web-influenced changes than other industries. Internet has revolutionized the travel landscape and has resulted in more & more journeys being booked online. As per Emarketer, travel sales through digital channels are expected to increase from $594 billion in 2016 to $762 billion in 2019.  Social media and review sites present an opportunity for users to share their travel experiences and rate the services offered by the Online Travel Companies. As per a research by SDL, 49% users rate travel review websites as the most useful resource when planning a trip. The competition has become immensely fierce and consequently, has led to rise in the demand for an improved customer experience.

Travel Customer Experience

It is important that travel companies ensure that they are delivering their customers an experience that encourages them to return. One way to set your brand apart from competition is by delivering expert services with the help of new technology integration. From a customers’ point of view, this could significantly reduce stress levels through a single platform. From a business perspective, delivering a simplified and seamless experience provides companies with the complete attention of the user and more opportunities to gather customer data.

It helps travel companies to:

  • Tailor content & offerings as per customer behavior
  • Boost revenues through cross-selling & up-selling.
  • Increase customer lifetime value and foster better customer loyalty.

But the integration isn’t in place there yet. As per Airlines IT trends Survey 2015, despite the ease of gathering of customer data, only 20 % airlines analyze this data to offer a personalized experience to their customers.

A research by Amadeus reveals that 26% of users are more likely to respond if the messages are tailored as per their personal interests. To further underline the importance of a personalized experience, 22% users are more likely to respond to promotions specific to their location.

For travel companies to deliver a seamless experience requires partnerships which allow data to be shared. However, the major challenge lies in communication between databases and creating a clean and simple user interface. Online Travel Companies(OTA) are already aggregating data from multiple service providers to provide most of the information on a single platform. 

Role of Call Center Outsourcing Services for Travel

Outsourcing services for travel, leisure and hospitality industries help in customer experience management and enhancing customer loyalty with a more organic approach, one that wins hearts through remarkable experiences worth sharing with others. Knowing what customers expect and ensuring that is delivered,  surpassing the expectations, has become a differentiator.

GizmoSupport follows this approach in understanding the customers and delivering a consistent experience. Systematic approach for data gathering helps businesses generate actionable insights to how your products and services are perceived by your customers. Our dedicated team of experts map entire customer lifecycle and offer services aligned with customers’ needs. For any assistance or business queries, feel free to Contact Us.

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