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Social Media–Indispensable Part of Today’s Customer Support

Social media

Social media has transformed the way businesses interact with their customers. Compared to traditional marketing channels, it is a two way channel, giving users a chance to respond, engage and interact with your brand. The beauty of social media is that you can establish a relationship with your audience. Social media has the potential to be the face of your brand and give a more personal touch.

Having a mere presence on social media platforms is not enough. You’ve to proactively engage your audience. Social media has helped a number of businesses spark a new life into marketing, but there is much more to that. Effective social media management has enormous potential for business growth & customer retention and if utilized properly can help your brand scale new business heights.

Social media has evolved into a dominant force in the customer service sector lately. As per a JD Power survey of around 23000 customers, 67% of participants admitted having contacted a company for support on social media. But it’s not about how many customers turn up to social media for seeking support. It’s about what’s at stake. A Gartner study reported a 15% increase in customer churn rate of companies who ignore support requests on social media. To add, another study by Bain & Company reports that when companies answer support requests over social media, customers tend to stay 20%-40% more with that company. Thus, increasing a customer’s lifecycle cannot be easier than this and on top of that it allows for a better relationship building with your customers.

These statistics are enough to suggest that social media support is critical than ever and companies need to develop a strong social presence. Customer support agents need to be proactive in their approach when dealing with customers on social platforms. In addition, responding in a timely fashion would work wonders. Nearly 40% of customers who seek support over social media expect a response within an hour. Thus, a quick response is highly appreciated by customers. It is also worth noting that since social media is an open platform where everyone can see your interaction, it would be wise to deal with a customer in a friendly manner. A quick and positive response will definitely satisfy the customer’s query, but at the same time encourage them to appreciate it and turn them into brand advocates.

Delivering social media customer service: The right way

Choose Platforms wisely

The use of social media has been on the rise and it would be really tempting to be present on all social platforms. But it would not be in the best interest of your company to just dive in without all the required manpower and resources. If you’re just starting, you must take one platform at a time. Having a clear understanding of where you would find your target audience will help in a better customer engagement.

Initiating Conversations

When customers leave comments on your social pages that could spark a conversation, you must take this as an opportunity to engage with your users. Simple questions like “what they liked best?” or “Did you check our other services?” or just telling them that they are valuable to your company can give a personalized & human touch that is gratifying for customers and help to amplify your brand’s positive image in the long run.

Use right tone of voice

The tone and mood can change the meaning of your words when you’re writing instead of speaking. This can make a huge difference in the way customers think about your interactions with your brand. This gets even challenging on platforms like Twitter where your messages are restricted by a character limit. The tone that you must adopt depends on your customer. Learning to pick up on customers’ subtle clues helps you to tailor your tone in a much easier & effective way.

Take Things Offline when Necessary

Sometimes, things do not go as expected and it is not feasible to solve every customer customer issue on social platforms. There could be cases where you may not write as long as it would be necessary to solve an issue, or exchange some critical information which can’t be exchanged online. In such scenarios, it is best to transfer the issue to some other support channel. But it is not that easy. A study mentions that 37% find it frustrating when they are passed around. This may include getting transferred from one channel to another or to another support agent.

Simply telling them to switch their channel won’t work as it may sound rude & abrasive. Instead using a friendly and helpful tone would make customers feel that they are not just being passed off but heading towards a solution.

These secrets are not known by most in-house support teams. In order to maximize the result from your social media efforts, the solution lies in social media outsourcing. We at GizmoSupport use strategic approach to help companies maximize the benefits of offering social media customer service, better customer engagement and increasing brand advocacy. In a nutshell, outsourcing social media customer service offers experienced and quality support options. For outsourcing your social media customer services, feel free to Contact Us.

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