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Social Media Management for an Effective Customer Support

Social Media Management

 A great customer service is a prerequisite to a successful business. Customer support is equally important as your product. Many great products have failed to impress customers in the past, just because they lacked a satisfactory customer service. Customers are naturally attracted to companies with a proven track record in delivering a great after-sales service. Thus, a backing of an impeccable customer support is essential to attract and retain buyers.

An increase in the use of social media among consumers has forced companies to get a social presence as well. Although the concept of customer support on social media is not new, but enabling multi-channel customer service involving social media is not a piece of cake. Achieving this poses some serious challenges to both small & large businesses, but with the challenges, come great opportunities as well. If done nicely, social media support can improve sales, customer loyalty, and help to deliver a great customer experience.

The main problem in social media management arises from the fact that customers are getting connected and smarter. They love to get their issues solved over their preferred mode of communication, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. A mere social presence is not enough, and you need to actually be a social media evangelist. Being active on social networking channels is the key to delivering a top-notch customer service.

The obvious question that’ll be popping into your mind right now will be HOW? In this article, you’ll get to know some of the best practices to hit the right cord for a better customer relationship.

Have a Strong Commitment

Before you gear up to deliver customer service through social media, you must ensure that you stick to your decision. Remember one thing, there’s nothing worse than having an abandoned social account for a business. Make sure to give your 100 percent if you want to achieve anything from your hard work.

Lack of willpower will surely backfire, so be prepared to give your best to address customer issues effectively & proactively.

Be Selective while Choosing Platforms

With the excitement of a socially connected world rising, it is tempting to be present on multiple platforms at the same time. Instead of this, you should choose the platforms that your customers want you on. It is recommended to start with a single channel, moving to multiple platforms gradually as different platforms require a different type of content, activities, and cater to a different audience.

An extensive research must be done to know which platforms attract more users to your brand or industry. It would be foolish to waste time allocating time and resources on a social channel which do not attract enough customer queries. For an example, if your website attracts more visitors through Twitter than Google+, then it would be best to provide support over Twitter first & then add-on other platforms. The complexity of social media management is directly proportional to the number of platforms.

Timely Response

Response time is critical, Very Critical, which creates a base for the success of your social media support. A quick response time ensures you leave a positive mark on customer mindset. Like I already said, customers are getting really smart. A research from Lithium reports that 53 percent of customers expect a brand to respond to their tweet within an hour. Thus, timely response is the main ingredient for an effective social media management.


The reason behind a tweet can impact the expected response time from the brand, with 72 percent of survey participants claiming they expect a brand to respond to a complaint on Twitter within an hour.


Respond Kindly to Each Query

A business must ensure that customer queries are handled in the kindest of the ways possible, particularly on social media. Not replying or giving rude answers are some of the least expected things conversations are going public, if you are willing to deliver a great customer experience. To establish yourself as a brand, you must be ready to face the weirdest customers.

Here is an example of an excellent customer handling. A customer contacts Nike on Twitter seeking help to find his order number. Nike’s answer makes that customer being cared for, and when he realized that is was a stupid question to ask, Nike’s answer is to be appreciated.


Following these pointers, a business can handle customer support on social media well. Social media management becomes easy when these points are included in a social media strategy.

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