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Social Media Support – 3 Customer Expectations to Care for

Social Media Support

Customer happiness is one of the top priorities for a company. Great customer support ensures better brand connection and improved customer loyalty. However, brands need to identify the gaps between what their consumers expect and what they deliver.  Identifying these gaps calls for having an effective social media support strategy in place combined with an analysis on customer expectations. Following 3 points elucidate what customers expect from social media support and how their expectations can be met.

  1. Respond quickly:

    Today’s smart and connected consumers value their time. Therefore, the most important thing for them is a quick response. A study by Edison Research says that 32% of consumers expect a response within 30 minutes when they contact a company. In addition, a quick response needs to be effective as well. Striving to respond with a sense of quickness should not come at the cost of giving a wrong reply. Social media outsourcing can bring in effective results for precision and timeliness in responses.

  2. Reach out to customers:

    Customers want to be helped in the same place where they asked for it. For instance, a query commented on Facebook should be responded with a comment underneath. It goes likewise for tweets and other touch points. Deflecting them to a toll free number on social media is a huge pet peeve that turns them away from a brand.

  3. Listen to customer conversations:

    Customers love being listened to. Thus, it is important taking care of every customer conversation. Responding to conversations can bring them in for the brand. Also, malfunction in this context can turn them away. Something as simple as a helpful tweet or Facebook comment can draw more customer interest towards a company.

Thus, customer support on social media is about subtle details that need undivided attention. It takes effective social media management to meet customer expectations from their perspective. GizmoSupport has 12+ years of credibility in outsourcing services for an enriched consumer experience. Contact us to know more.

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