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Solving Market Challenges with Call Center Outsourcing

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New technologies, innovation, and competition at global level are driving the growth of the outsourcing industry. Skill shortage, trade protectionism, and security have been some of the trending concerns since the start of 2017. However, BPO industry must optimize to grow with technology cutting entire pieces for call center outsourcing services providers.

With global call center outsourcing companies expected to address market challenges with new technological innovations at lower costs, a few trends that will create an impact to the industry in 2018 are listed below:

  • Shortage of Skills to Continue: Talent scarcity has been an issue during this year as per KPMG Global Insights Pulse, which is expected to worsen in the coming year. Millennials are the most educated generation yet the lowest paid. The reason for this has been traditional education systems which haven’t adapted to the The emergence of new technologies has created a demand for tech experts. Call center outsourcing makes available a ready pool of required resources along with reducing costs.
  • Preference for Quality over Price: Though outsourcing has been known as a cost-cutting factor for businesses, but ignoring quality is not recommended in today’s competitive environment. Thus, quality of services is gaining prominence over the cost of hiring offshore service providers as businesses strive to deliver better customer experience.
  • Transparency & Security Prioritized: Technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) and telematics have raised new security concerns for consumers and commercial products. Outsourcing companies with strong comfort with technology will be best suited to deliver solutions where security will play a pivotal role in call center outsourcing and other strategies.

Call Center Outsourcing – A Key Factor for Business Success

While businesses prefer to outsource call center to address the challenge of skill shortage, it also helps improving customer service quality and experience while reducing operational costs. Some key benefits of outsourcing instead of an in-house contact center would be,

  • Cost Effectiveness: A business needs to hire, manage, and compensate (for seasonal fluctuations) with an in-house call center. On the other hand, an outsourced center comes with no additional cost of expensive equipment, overheads, training & maintenance.
  • Access to Skilled Staff & Specialized Knowledge: Though they offer services to multiple industries, yet every outsourcer has a specialization in a particular segment.
  • Scalability & Productivity: When you hire an external party to handle your customer experience , they focus entirely on the specific task, and are hence, more productive. Moreover, your in-house staff can focus better on delivering strategy for implementation. In addition, you can scale up or down with an outsourced call center as per your business requirement.

Thus, moving into 2018 need for skilled staff, quality of service, and customer experience will continue to emerge as a challenge. This is where call center outsourcing will emerge as a solution to address these challenges. GizmoSupport, one of the leading multi-channel outsourcing partner for businesses across various industry verticals. With an experience of serving notable brands and delivering innovative solutions, GizmoSupport has the potential to address above mentioned issues with the required expertise. Contact us to know how outsourcing can enhance your customer service quality and experience.

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