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Tackling retail challenges with modern retail surveillance systems

Retail surveillance systems

Modern retailers are facing many challenges in their day to day operations. From changing market trends to the unprecedented growth of the e – commerce sector, retail businesses are finding it extremely difficult to be profitable. Now if you add losses due to shoplifting or employee theft, then the very survival of some of these businesses is at risk. So, in this situation, retailers need to learn how the modern retail surveillance systems can help them reduce losses and increase profits.

Today’s smart cameras along with IoT-based sensors offer the retail sector the security solutions that is needed. Using IoT-based products and intelligence based monitoring, today’s retail surveillance is leaps and bounds ahead of the prior DVR-based systems. These systems do not just help in terms of security but have features that really help a store optimize its entire operation.

Below are just some of the ways that retail surveillance can today’s retailers –

  • Monitor staff behavior to ensure a reduction in employee theft. The knowledge of being watched normally deters staff to indulge in any criminal act.
  • Queue management can be done based on surveillance monitoring. In the event that the lines get longer, more staff can be deployed to assist them.
  • Know what time your store is busiest. This helps you plan your staff deployment in a better way.
  • Surveillance helps to know the effectiveness of promotional offers. With this information, you can plan future promotions in a better way.
  • Learn customer behavior to know which areas of the store they spend most of their time in. You can deploy staff in that area to supervise and assist those customers.
  • Monitor the exterior of the store like parking lots and back alleys to view any activity there.
  • Help reduce energy bills by identifying which appliances are running unnecessarily and control their usage.
  • Assists in proactively replenishing shelves.
  • Keep a watch on your housekeeping staff to ensure that they keep the store neat and clean.
  • Any equipment from the store that has broken down can be proactively repaired.

The above are just a few of the benefits that store surveillance can offer. Choosing a right company to partner for your surveillance monitoring needs is another challenge for retailers. At GizmoSupport, we offer managed e-surveillance for retail that helps businesses reduce their losses by helping prevent internal and external thefts. We also help you reduce the cost of operations and increase profits by helping streamline operations with actionable audit reports delivered right to your mailbox. To know more about our service, contact us today.

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