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Tech Support for IoT: Future of Customer Service

Tech Support for IoT

The tech support services are on a high due to a growing number of connected devices, courtesy of Internet Of Things(IoT). While new devices are taking on the market, many brands still continue to provide outdated customer services. The traditional support models will inevitably fail due to rising pressure of increased support demand. There is no doubt that customer service is going to be more complex with the growth of Internet Of Things. The companies that provide Internet of Things services are likely to face the heat.

Even with the adoption of multi-channel engagement channels like Email, Web Chat, social media, and Self-Service, customer dissatisfaction rates are at record heights, as reported by 2015 Eptica MultiChannel Customer Experience Reality. A double-edged sword lies in front of the companies where consumers expect instant assistance to their queries but support staff can’t keep up with increased complexity in delivering tech support. Under such scenarios, it is evident that customer experience will deteriorate.

In an attempt to match pace with exponential change in support demands, companies are looking for better ways to capitalize on the opportunity that lies ahead. This approach referred to as Support of Things(SoT) or Tech Support for IoT is the future of customer experience.

Some of the key markets where SoT can deliver a great customer experience are:

  • Not Connected Devices
  • Connected PCs, smartphones, and tablets
  • Connected household appliances

Tech Support in an IoT World

Common household items like washing machines and lights can be programmed to perform simple tasks via your mobile devices. You can already install smart devices that you can control remotely. Just imagine how great it would be to have objects that could talk & interact with each other. How smoothly, your house will run following your instructions but with minimum intervention?

Smart home support services present an opportunity of proactive listening & problem solving. Imagine a scenario, where your appliance alerts you of a problem before it actually arises. Or your appliance books an appointment for service as soon as it detects a potential issue. This could help in saving a lot of time and also relieves you from hassles involved. This also prevents your appliance from damage as it is ready for diagnosis even before the problem has occurred. The solutions today are designed in such a way that problem will be solved after the damage has been done. Support is delivered through chat, emails or through calls after the problem has occurred. But imagine a scenario, when your devices become “smart” enough to detect & self-diagnose issues!! No hassles at all.

But proper mechanisms must be there to alert customers of potential issues and provide resolutions to the problem through digital channels, social media etc.

Businesses that will thrive in this new paradigm will be ones that don’t just offer support when there’s an issue – but actively use consumer data to anticipate how users will engage not only with their product but with others as well.

The Road Ahead

With the proliferation of connected devices, brands that cling to an outdated tech support model will fail. In order to survive the competition, brands must outsource technical support efficiently. The competition is fierce and the brands who do not change their support channels will succumb to the increasing support demand.

The Internet of Things has an enormous potential that can be used effectively to generate additional revenue streams. It is up to a business to see them as a challenge or as an opportunity. Tech Support for IoT can be a huge boost to the customer experience. Companies have to just realize its importance and make changes accordingly.

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