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Tech Support for Startups – Points to Consider

Tech Support for Startups

Technical support services are essential in today’s time in order to run an organization smoothly. These services support PCs, tablets, Wi-Fi connections, printers, servers and other devices needed for daily operations of a business. Be it for individuals, small organizations or larger corporations, there are a number of tech support options for consumers to choose from.

Retail shops for the aid of people with infrequent computer issues, on-site support for small businesses which do not hire a full-time tech support team and remote business support for organizations which require full-time support are few tech support services available out there.

Before you begin to outsource tech support, make a list of the devices for which you will be needing support. PCs, mobile devices routers and printers and scanners are the most common devices companies require tech support for.  The service you choose should cover all the devices on your list.



One of the most important things you need to take into consideration while selecting a tech support for your startup is your budget. The pricing model of the tech support service should meet your needs. Ask the service provider about the various plans available and select the one which suits your requirement and budget. In case your organization does not require heavy support or you are not willing to spend much on it, go for one time fixes. This way, you will only have to pay when you need the service. For organizations which need regular maintenance and tech support, go for monthly subscriptions where you will have to pay for pre-decided amount of support for a period of one month.

Companies which have a larger budget assigned for tech support may also opt for annual subscriptions. Although you will have to invest a larger amount in a single turn, annual subscriptions prove to be more cost-effective than monthly subscriptions in the long run. You also have the option of ‘set-fee’ where you will have to submit a one-time fee in order to set up an account.

Service quality

Another feature which you must consider is the quality of the support being offered by the service providers. An efficient service provider will help you resolve the issue in least possible time. You may also ask the service provider whether they offer free trial of the tech support services to help you make up your mind. Go for certified tech support service working on encrypted connection to ensure data security.

Be clear about your requirements

You must also have a clear idea about the kind of tech support services which will be most suitable for your organization. Some important tech services are virus/malware help, diagnostics and data recovery. Diagnostics help in making sure that the computer and network work without any issue by checking software and hardware for conflicts, potential failures and software related problems. Data recovery services come handy if your computer or computer network has been compromised. Virus and malware help is needed when your device has been infected with malwares /viruses.

Customizable tech support services are a great option as these help you in finding a plan which is perfect for your organizations while ensuring that you don’t have to pay for the services you don’t really require. Other essential features which will help you save time and energy are self-help tools and direct access. A number of tech support service providers offer effective self-help tools which enable the customers to tackle minor issues themselves. Direct access to services and specialists help you avoid wasting time in finding the right source to deal with you tech related issues.


Availability is another factor you should keep in mind while looking for a tech support service provider. The provider should be easily reachable via phone or email and attend to you as soon as possible. Ask the provider whether they have an automated call back system in case they are unable to attend your call as holding the line while the provider is busy dealing with other customers can be quite inconvenient.

A little research will help you find the right tech support for your startup.  Compare the options available to you on the basis of price, services offered, availability etc to ensure the service provider you select suits the needs of your company and offers efficient and timely services.

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