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It’s Time, You thought to Outsource CCTV Monitoring Services

Outsource CCTV Monitoring Services

Business setups and properties remain scattered across national and international boundaries. Companies have warehouses at remote locations, schools & banks have branches at different locations, retail stores, supermarkets, and malls are all over. No matter which segment it is, stakeholders will find it unfeasible to be present at all establishments at once.

As per NASP, habitual shoplifters steal an average of 1.6 times per week. There can be several such statistics that depict the gravity of a situation where there is no help taken from surveillance. Its absence raises a number of concerns for people relating to all these segments. For example:

  • Goods safety at warehouses: How goods are stored in a warehouse is the key concern for any business owner. Who would ensure their safety without surveillance?
  • Staff productivity at a retail store: It is essential to keep staff activities in check to ensure that they stay productive and adhere to store policies.
  • Customer activities in a mall: It is crucial to monitor customer footfall and areas where customers stop and shop more. Simultaneously, it is important to prevent shoplifting.

You could be a part of any of the aforementioned situations. A single answer to all of them is to outsource CCTV monitoring services. Outsourcing surveillance to a trusted vendor is a direct route to gift oneself lasting peace of mind. Most companies need to keep track of employees’ adherence to company policies, and monitor their productivity. Staying away from theft, fraud, and any unwanted activity is every organization’s prime concern. Remote video monitoring is the most suited practical way to keep things in check especially during night / off hours and deal proactively with possibilities of unwarranted situations.

When you outsource CCTV monitoring services, here are the typical advantages you avail yourself of:

  • Real time video monitoring of staff
  • Protection of assets and property
  • Proactive efforts to deter acts of intrusion, theft, vandalism, etc.
  • Video evidences, in case any incident has taken place
  • Peace of mind having surveillance working for you while you are on the go

For more sophistication in your security setup, consider giving automation a chance. Automated security involves IP cameras, sensors, and other smart devices connected to one another through IoT ecosystem. Click here to know more.

Partner with GizmoSupport to outsource CCTV monitoring services. With 12+ years of experience in outsourcing, we provide managed surveillance as a service. We offer smart cameras, a single control platform, custom integration with legacy systems, cloud based video surveillance, effective video audits, etc. to deliver outstanding business benefits. Get in touch with us to explore more.

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