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Tips to Deliver Quality In-app Support for App Users

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In 2016, the physical world and the digital exemplar will be closing in rapidly. Millennial customers have moved from the use of telephones to other digital modes of communication. By the end of 2015, 168 million Indians owned a smartphone being a part of 3400 million users globally.

For these smartphone users, mobile is increasingly defining how they connect, shop, and engage with businesses. To keep up with the speed of technological advancements and consumer expectations, businesses have shifted to smarter technologies, merging communication channels to a combined interface like in-app support.

However, it is not easy to provide satisfying in-app chat support to your customers. Here are a few tips to maintain better relationship with your app users.

Make it fast:

Your customers do not want to wait for your resolutions. In-app chat is convenient because it is fast in terms of communication but if your support team cannot resolute issues fast enough, in-app chat can be a failure.

In-app FAQs: Creating an in-app FAQ with strong knowledge base can be helpful to reduce traffics with common queries. This helps you get only the filtered queries for your in-app support team. The other way round, providing a strong knowledge base to your team can help them resolute customer queries easily.

Don’t impersonate a machine: Getting too technical in your approach can annoy your customers. The exiting part of in-app chat is the human touch. If you are missing it by replying with pre-written and technical answers, then customer satisfaction can be a far-fetched dream for you.

Extended e-mail & chat support:  It is understood that, not all the queries or issues raised by your customers could be answered instantly. Email and chat outsourcing can make the process optimized. Comparatively complex issues take time, so take email support as a backup for your support system.

Your customers are a lifeline of your business. A satisfying in-app chat support facility, in modern days, help you to keep the customers happy. Following the above discussed points can genuinely help you providing better in-app support. Additionally, you can also outsource app support to deliver quality service to your app users, without the hassles of an in-house team.

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