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Tips to assist in Retail Store Surveillance

Store Surveillance

Whether you own a small scale retail store or a retail chain with stores in multiple cities, security and surveillance are a key aspect of your business. It is necessary to protect your investment for all retailers. Apart from delivering their customers top quality service, it is very important that you follow these below-given tips for that will help you in enhancing you retail store surveillance and security.

  1. Train your employees

Your employees must be trained enough that they can detect someone in the store who is just loitering and not looking to buy anything. Such customers can just be looking for a chance to shoplift in your store. Your employees should also offer help and assistance to every customer. This will deter those potential shoplifters that want to go unnoticed.

  1. Improve the layout of your store

The layout of your store has to be such that it in itself assists surveillance. The cash counters should be in a centralized location so that the staff at these counters can have a clear line of site to all customers. Also, expensive items need to be placed near areas that have more staff present so that they are harder to steal.

  1. Use scanner systems

Make use of RFID tags and or EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) tags. These tags will retailers keep a track of their inventory. At the time of purchase, these tags are removed or else they cause an alarm to be sounded when they pass through a scanner at the exit of the store. When thieves try to steal any inventory that has these tags, which are mainly clothing items, it sounds the alarm and the security personnel can easily nab such criminals. It is an important tool for loss prevention in retail.

  1. Retail Surveillance service

All these above tips are surely helpful but they are incomplete without having a state-of-the-art retail surveillance systems that help in 24*7 real-time monitoring of the store. By this, I do not just mean installing cameras. I mean having a dedicated team of professionals watch every inch of your store day and night and raise alerts in real-time in the event of any criminal activity.

GizmoSupport offers managed Esurveillance for retail that helps retailers reduce their losses due by preventing internal theft as well as shoplifting. We also help optimize your store’s performance by providing audit reports that have actionable intelligence, directly to your mailbox. Our retail monitoring service gives you complete peace of mind about your store and ensures its safety day or night.

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